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Bulk Email Verifier

Quickly verify large data sets to start your marketing campaign off right.

Drag and Drop

When you have a large number of emails, you need them verified fast so you can start sending out carefully crafted email campaigns. That seems like a pretty impossible task if you are expected to upload emails one by one, waiting for each one to be verified before moving on to the next. With our Bulk Email Verifier, you can simply drop your entire file into our tool to be processed at one time, so that you can get on with your day.

Supports Drop Box, Google Drive, and One Drive

Xverify knows the importance of incorporating cloud storage systems with our own software. That's why we've made it simple to import files to our Bulk Email Verifier directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Verifying large quantities of data with Xverify is now easier than ever.
Xverify is working directly with your favorite email service providers (ESPs) to make your life even easier. Import data directly from your email platform rather than exporting the list before uploading it to Xverify’s system. Once your list is cleaned up, you can automatically import it back to your ESP. Just another way we’re working to simplify Bulk email verification so that you can get started sending email campaigns quickly. No time wasted means no money wasted, and that’s something we can get behind.

FTP Options:

With Xverify’s bulk email verifier, uploading large quantities of data is as simple as an FTP transfer. Verifying emails is still simple and quick, even with over 100,000 records.

Quick Turn Around Times

Most files will start processing as soon as you upload them. For larger files, we break the data up into 100K chunks to help expedite the email verification process. This way your files process across multiple servers. We know how important clean data is, but we also know how important it is to have that data quickly. That’s why we’ve prioritized speed and accuracy with our bulk email verifier.

Email Alerts

As soon as we're done processing your list, you'll receive an email from the Xverify team letting you know that your file is complete and you can start firing off your email campaigns.

Custom Email List Settings

Already have a Do Not Email list? Xverify makes it easy to upload your own list of emails to be automatically corrected. Create custom lists to be removed from your overall dataset automatically. We take care of that pesky removal process so you don’t have to. In your custom settings, you can also turn on autocorrection to convert minor misspellings of major domain names into promising leads.

The Results

We return your original file with your results added. These results are organized into an easy-to-read spreadsheet so you can identify which emails are valid and invalid, and why.


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