Boost Email Deliverability

Sep 18 2017

Having the best email delivery is something every marketing company strives for, but just how do you go about getting it? Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that go into play with landing perfect deliverability. Some of the key deliverability factors are your hard bounce rate, your sending frequency, and how many spam complaints you get.

Hard Bounces

The least painful way of reducing your hard bounce rate is by having a validation solution in place. At XVerify, we check email addresses in real time with the email server. This way you’ll immediately know if the email address is registered and active. Our email checks are not done against a database. So if you just created a brand new Yahoo account 2 minutes ago, we will be able to check with Yahoo, and report back that it is an open account.

Sending Frequency

Sending frequency is something that is completely in your control. It is best to keep your email sending frequency consistent. If the ESPs (email service providers) notice jumps in sending volume from you, they will get suspicious about the types of emails you are sending. As you acquire more data, you may be tempted to mail on all of it, but wait. Gradually mail to your new list to start to engage with the new group of users. Don’t mail to the whole list at once.

Spam Complaints

The more opens and clicks you get, the better your deliverability performance will be in the long run. However, each time a user clicks the “spam” button, the ESP is told not to trust your sender ID. If you get too many complaints, your ESP may completely kick you off their platform. So how can you possibly avoid getting marked as spam? When you use XVerify, we have a built in feature that can help you identify complainers before you send out a mail. We monitor many companies’ feedback loop lists, and if one user is frequently clicking the spam button, we are adding it to our master suppression list. This way you know who is safe to send to and who you should avoid sending to.

Once you start following some of these best practices you will start seeing more success. Take control of your email marketing now, and make sure you are validating your information prior to sending.

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