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Verifying Emails to Reach the Inbox

make sure your emails are in front of your users
Email marketing campaigns are only useful if your emails are being read. This seems like a simple concept, but it’s not nearly as easy in practice. Luckily, there is one thing you can do that can significantly improve your email open rates with very little effort on your end. Verifying emails helps you get your emails into the user’s inbox. That is the first hurtle to jump to get those high open rates.

Verifying Emails to Eliminate Hard Bounces

When you verify emails, you are benefiting your email campaign in a number of ways. The most obvious of those is by eliminating hard bounces. Hard bounces occur when you send out an email to an address that doesn’t exist. This results in the email “bouncing”, or immediately being rejected by the server.

The less alarming portion of this is that you’re wasting time and money by sending out emails and campaigns to addresses that don’t exist, but this behavior is even more dangerous. A high hard bounce rate tells email service providers (or ESPs) that you are a reckless sender. Reckless senders put their users in danger, which means ESP could blacklist your domain, preventing you from making it into any folder, even the spam folder.

This makes it impossible for a user to see your email, crashing your email open rates. By verifying emails before you hit send, you eliminate the chance of hard bounces and increase your chances of making it to the user’s inbox to rack up those open rates.

Better Targeting by Verifying Email Data

A successful marketing campaign feels personal. Campaigns that get people opening and clicking are structured to their liking. To create emails that make an impact, you have to do a lot of research to create segments that make sense. Your email list is a huge part of this research process. Your email list can tell you the user’s age, location, gender, income and many other aspects that make them easier to categorize for segmenting purposes.

Verifying emails helps you stay informed when creating your segments. If you’re building segments on inaccurate information, chances are you’re going to miss the mark with your campaign. A campaign that isn’t based on well-informed data won’t make an impact on the user, which means your users aren’t likely to engage. The end result? Low email open rates. To avoid that frustrating future, it’s a best practice to verify your emails before you segment.


Avoid the Spam Folder

You can get sent to spam either by the user or by the ESP, and not verifying your emails increases the chance of both of these circumstances sinking your email open rates. Users send your emails to spam for a variety of reasons. The easiest way to be seen as spam, however, is to come off as a mass email. As we discussed, personalizing email campaigns is integral to the success of said campaign.

But, if your email list isn’t verified, your data isn’t reliable and could have you sending out misinformed campaigns. These campaigns that don’t resonate with your users have a higher chance of being seen as spam. Once the user relates your domain with spam, your company quickly fades away in the user’s mind. Not only does this decrease your email open rates, it also negatively effects your business by creating a negative opinion of your company with your users.

Your email open rate is a great indicator for how effective your campaigns are. Adjusting your campaign based off this measurement is a useful way to create a successful email marketing plan. But, this success can only come after verifying emails. Stay on top of your data quality with Xverify.

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