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Postal Address Verification

Say good bye to incomplete addresses, and return to sender problems.
On average 20% of incoming addresses contain errors. These range from spelling mistakes, incorrect street extensions, missing apt numbers or invalid zip codes. Shipping products is not cheap, so each time you acquire bad data it is costing you extra time and money.
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Be confident customers supply an accurate address

Xverify's instant postal address verification tool can plug in to your existing website via Javascript or API and validate contact data as the user fills out your form. If the information is invalid, the user will see a big red error message giving them the opportunity to correct their mistake. In most situations when the user is aware they made a mistake, they will make the correction. This means no more return to sender issues for incorrect mailing addresses.

U.S. & Canada Address Verifications

Do you send packages or other correspondence to your customers via postal mail? We can check any address to make sure it exists as long as it is within the US or Canada. You will be able to put an end to acquiring partial addresses and reducing the amount of "return to sender" envelopes you get back.

Built-in Auto Correction

Minor misspellings of street names can be corrected with ease. We also correct the extension of the address; For instance, if the street was really intended to be a drive. This will work with all of our implementation methods: Javascript, API, and Batch Processing. Autocorrection can be disabled at anytime.

Bulk Mailing Address Verification

Once you create an account with us, you can easily upload your own file through our user friendly dashboard. This self-service solution allows for you to easily upload a CSV file for validation. You files will automatically process once your account is verified and most turnaround times are less than an hour.

Features and Benefits of XVerify's Address Verification

  • Get answers instantly, no need to wait.
  • Eliminate the cost of wasted postage.
  • Alert your user of a mistake so they can correct it.
  • Auto fill in the city, if the zip code is provided.
  • Prompt for missing suite/apt. numbers.
  • Auto correct minor miss-spellings

Implementation Options

You can easily verify postal addresses in real time by plugging in our Javascript code. It will work with your existing web form to immediately display an error back to the user if an invalid address was entered. We also have an API that you can tap into, and get responses back in milliseconds. If you want to validate addresses in bulk then you can upload a file to us, and we will process it and pass you back the results.


Our pricing is simply pay as you go, no minimum requirement, or long term commitment. If you don’t use the services we don’t charge you. Our pricing starts at $0.01 per each verification. If you have bigger data we can offer you volume discounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I check postal addresses in bulk?
  • Yes, we do have the batch upload capability to process address verification in bulk. You simply need to have a .csv file containing the address data and upload it into your account.
  • Do you check addresses globally?
  • No, we currently only validate postal addresses within the United States and Canada.
  • How does auto-correction work?
  • We do enable auto-correction for minor miss-spellings. This means if your user accidently types “Monrow St” and the spelling should be “Monroe St” auto correction will make this adjustment. Auto correction will also correct street extensions. For example, if the user enters “Rd” and it should be a “Dr” the auto correction will occur.
  • Can you verify the owner of the house?
  • No, our address verification tools are just making sure you have a good mailing location. We don’t know if it is the right address for your recipient, but we can tell you if the address is deliverable by the postal service. This will eliminate any formatting issues, and fictitious address collection.
  • How do you verify apartment/suite numbers?
  • Our tools are highly intelligent, and if the address is a building that has multiple suites we will prompt the user to input their suite/apartment number. This will help make sure you collect the entire address, no missing pieces of information.

Ready to get Started?

Use our address verification tool to eliminate problems with incomplete and inaccurate address collection.

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