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You can test up to 5 email addresses a day with our free email verifier. If you love the results we recommend you setup an account with us and the first 100 email verifications are free.

What our customers say about instant email validation:

Mailbox validation
Temporary Address Detection
High Risk Detection
Complainer Suppression

How is our email validation better?

Xverify has specialized in email verification since 2011. We are dedicated to helping marketers get better rates of inbox deliverability. Our email verifier tools are designed to produce the most accurate results with a 98% accuracy average, while also reducing your risk of fraud. We also recommend you check out the FULL blog post on why our email verification tools perform better than the others.

Email Verification Checkpoints with SendShield Technology

  • Xverify eliminates hard bounces by checking usernames of the email address to make sure they are a real mailbox before you attempt to mail to it.
  • We look for temporary email addresses such as rud06448@rcasd.com. These types of email addresses usually last for less than 48 hours and are used by scammers.
  • Suppress high risk email addresses that could lead to your email list getting blacklisted. Email addresses which were once active, became inactive, and then reactivated is a pattern of high risk.
  • Our online email verifier also looks for complainers. Complainers are the users who mark email addresses as spam. This can hurt your reputation so we help keep you protected by alerting you of which ones can be damaging to your list.
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Implement Xverify on your own site.

Implementing our email verifier tool on your own landing page is simple. We offer a Javascript which is plug and play, and you can have it up and running within minutes. You can also use our email validation API to have more control over the user experience.
Check out our developer documentation.

Cleaning up a list of email addresses.

If you don’t have the technical resources to implement email verification on your website, we also have batch uploading capabilities. You can easily upload CSV files through our web interface 24 hours a day, or connect to us via FTP to load large files containing more than 100k email records.

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Use Xverify’s email verifier tool to check email addresses instantly. Know which accounts are valid or invalid.

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