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Email and Data Verification Solutions

Get the results that matter to you.
Freebies: Name Verification Name Verification keeps profanity out of your webform. IP Verification IP Verification uses geo-location to help you select which countries not to accept registration from. IP Blacklist Monitoring IP Blacklist Monitoring will monitor your IPs across 200+ blacklists and alert you if you've become listed.
Boost your Inbox Delivery
Improve your email campaign delivery with our real-time email verification solution. Our tools
are a hybrid solution of both email verification and hygiene to keep your data clean.
The Xverify system is designed to:
line graph illustrating email hard bounces
Eliminate Hard Bounces
reporting of risky email addresses
Reduce Spam Complaints
display of email verification stats to reduce fraud
Minimize Fraud
reviewing IP verification
Improve IP Reputation
Our data verification services check any email addresses to make sure the username exists at the domain. We also have the ability to detect catch all email accounts and flag them for you. Our service is proven to return the highest rates of accuracy and we can verify all the major consumer email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail.
Stop hitting the spam folder and start seeing inbox success.
Built-in Hygiene
uploading bulk files
In addition to checking at the server to make sure the username is registered at the domain, we also run the email address through a huge suppression list. Our internal suppression list holds millions of email addresses that are classified as temporary, high risk, or complainers. Our high risk category consists of known litigators, attorneys, fraudsters and other email ID's that may be damaging to you.
Alert & Convert
convert a bad email to a good email
Having the ability to instantly notify your end user when they made a mistake will help them convert. In most cases when the end user visually sees an error message they recognize they made a typo and they quickly make the correction. Xverify also has a built in auto-correction to fix misspellings of major domain names. This way you wont miss the opportunity and move forward with the sale.
Implementation Methods
javascript source code for email validation
Our Javascript works with your existing webform to instantly display error messages to the end user when an invalid email address is found.
gears working together for integration
API Integration
Gain more control over how you want your users to proceed on the site. We offer an API that helps identify why we are marking invalid email addresses.
a file after it is uploaded
Batch Upload
Upload your files in a .CSV format via our web uploader tool or through our secured FTP. We process the files quickly and get you back the results
the drag and drop upload feature

Batch Uploading

Drag & Drop.
It's that simple.

If you thought batch processing was simple before it is even more easy now. We have our brand new drag and drop utility that allows you to drag a file directly from your desktop or other folders on your computer into our webtool and immediately have it start processing.

Stop reaching so many disconnected
numbers and start reaching real customers.
disconnected phone
In-Service & Disconnected
We identify which numbers are good to dial and which ones are disconnected. We can quickly check any phone number, cellphone or landline as long as it is within the US or Canada.
telecom satellite
Telecom Database Lookup
Our verifications are done via database lookups to major telecom companies. While doing lookups via a database reduces some accuracy, we are able to provide a rate of 80%.
landline or mobile locations
Mobile vs. Landline
We can help you identify if the phone number your user provided was a cellphone or a landline. We can also narrow down the city and state if you are looking to target specific areas.
Other companies who claim to have the highest rates are using an auto dialer solution. Auto-dialers are not a best practice because
it can result in an actual call being sent to the phone, which causes some compliance issues with the TCPA guidelines.
Get postal address verification results returned
in milliseconds before it even hits your database.
email address verification

U.S. & Canada Address Verifications

Do you send packages or other correspondence to your customers via postal mail? We can check any address to make sure it exists as long as it is within the US or Canada. You will be able to put an end to acquiring partial addresses and reducing the amount of "return to sender" envelopes you get back.

Built-in Auto Correction

Minor misspellings of street names can be corrected with ease. We also correct the extension of the address; For instance, if the street was really intended to be a drive. This will work with all of our implementation methods: Javascript, API, and Batch Processing. Autocorrection can be disabled at anytime.

postal address verification service
Our phones confirm service allows you to provide an
added layer of security to your company and your users.
phone confirm service
Added Layer of Security

Now you can make sure your end user is providing you with the right contact phone number through our Phone Confirm system.

If your leads need that extra level of verification, we send an automated phone call to the end user and provide them a unique pin number.

phone number verification
Greeting Customization

Automated phone calls that goes out to your end users can be completely customized when you use Xverify.

You can upload your own mp3 file so that your special message can be heard by your customers. Simply login to the Xverify dashboard and upload your files.

Protect your Deliverability
IP Monitoring will help you keep an eye on your IP reputation. Poor email delivery performance can result in you being blacklisted without you knowing. Our tools will constantly monitor your IPs multiple times a day and send you an instant notification if you get reported on a blacklist. Our dashboard is extremely helpful with monitoring your status, checking your senderscore, and de-listing when you need to.
search icon
We help you identify if you have become blacklisted. We monitor over 100+ blacklists to notify you instantly if there is a problem.
improve your sender score
We continuously check your SenderScore so you know when you are performing well or when an IP address will need assistance.
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