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Spam Trigger Words That
Damage Your Email Delivery

Don’t Damage Your Delivery

The purpose of a spam filter is to block annoying content from getting into the recipient’s spam folder. Of course, as an email marketer you would never want to think your content is boring or annoying. Yet, it may not be the user making that decision it could be the spam filter coming up with those decisions.

Email spam filters are constantly scanning the content of your email, and spam filters can be triggered for a number of reasons. A lot of it boils down to the words that you choose and the context you use them in. The good news is that you can fine tune your content to avoid spam trigger words that might impact the placement of your email campaign. So, we have put together this outline of spam trigger words arranged by category to help you avoid trigger words in your subject lines and body content.

Common Spam Trigger Words To Avoid Using

Financial / Ecommerce

Beneficiary, Cash, Discount, Cost, Quote, Free, Claims, Price, Only $, Save Big Money, Profits, No Cost, Pennies a Day, Compare Rates, Check, Easy Terms, Mortgage Rates, Hidden Fees, Serious Cash, Unsecured Debt, Subject to Credit Rating, Check or Money Order, No Hidden Costs, Accepts Credit Cards, Stock Alerts, Avoid Bankruptcy, Calling Creditors, Collect Child Support, Consolidate Debt, Eliminate Debt, Eliminate Bad Credit, Requires Your Investment, Low Monthly Payment, Get Out of Debt, Get Paid, Refinance Home, Social Security Number, Increase Your Income, Get Pre-Approved, Money Back, Save $, Earn Extra Cash, Fast Cash, Guaranteed Money, Free Grant Money.


Ads, Click, Email Harvest, Direct Email, Bulk Email, Direct Marketing, Increase Your Sales, Multi Level Marketing, Not Spam, Opt In, Subscribe, Visit Our Website, This is not Junk, Web Traffic, We hate spam, Internet Marketing, Click to Remove, Performance Sales, MLM, More Internet Traffic, Biz Opportunity, Opportunities, Mass Email

Marketing Offers

Deal of the Day, Deals, Guarantee, Financial Freedom, Gift Certificate, Giving Away, Name Brand, Trial, No Selling, No Obligation, Mail in Order Form, No Age Restrictions, No Inventory, No Purchase Required, No Catch, Unsolicited, Warranty, Vacation Package, Weekend Getaway, Winner, Won, Winning, You are a Winner, Prizes, Cannot be combined with any other Offer, Get Started Now, Offer Expires, Unlimited, Once in a Lifetime, No Strings Attached, Great Offer, Half Off, Risk Free

Free Offers

Free, Free Access, Free Gift, Free Sample, Free Quote, Free Offer, Free Leads, Free Money, Free Membership, For Free, 100% Free, Free Consultation, Free for Life, Call Free, Free DVD

Creating Urgency

Act Now, Apply Online, Urgent, Offer Expires Soon, Please Read, Call Now, Don’t Delete, Instant Access, Limited Time Only, Order Now, Supplies are Limited, One Spot Left, Low Inventory, While Supplies Last, Take Action Now, Get It Now


Other Important Tips To Avoid The Spam Filter

  1. Don’t write subject lines in all caps.
  2. Becareful with spelling mistakes and grammar.
  3. Don’t use a one word subject line.
  4. Don’t overuse exclamation points and dollar signs.
  5. Don’t use only emojis.
  6. Don’t add Re: to the subject line to confuse readers.
  7. Don’t use multiple font colors.
  8. Make use of proper capitalization.
  9. Don’t overuse bold or underlines.
  10. Avoid using URL shortners
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