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Geo IP Verification

Use our free GEO IP lookup to identify where in the world your customers are from.
Tap into our GEO database API to improve security on your website by blocking
un-wanted countries and prevent fictitious traffic to your registration path.

Knowledge is Power –
Know More about Your Web Visitors

  • Identify which country your visitor is in
  • Restrict access of registrations to countries you select
  • Identify the city that the visitor is in
  • Prevent risky IPs from gaining access to your site
  • Latitude and longitude data returned

How does GEO IP Verification Work?

Xverify’s free Geo IP tool works by checking the IP address of incoming Internet traffic to identify the country of origin. If the traffic comes from a country which you have selected to filter out, the tools will block the user from being able to complete the registration process.

For example, if you are running a giveaway on your landing page and only want to target users within the US/CAN you can change your settings to reflect those allowed countries. This way if someone from China attempts to register they will be blocked and now allowed to continue.

Using Geolocation for Marketing Data

Using the IP location solutions can help you provide relevant location information about your users online without breaking any privacy laws. Many local businesses and major online retailers are starting to attract customers based on their location.

For example, if your website visitor is within 5 miles of one of your locations, you might want to show them a targeted ad for that location to help you drive more foot traffic in the door. Using Geo IP services gives you great marketing potential and is a way of keeping your customers updated with your latest products and information.

Once you have locational data on your users there is much more that you can do with it. Imagine now being able to segment your emails based on location. Group all of your visitors from Texas without requiring the user to supply that information. Go deeper by even being able to narrow down a campaign to select cities. You now can have all of this marketing power at your fingertips by running IP addresses through our GeoIP lookup tools.


Implementation Options

You can easily verify IP addresses in real time by plugging in our Javascript code on your website. This way you can easily tap into our geo database, and reject leads if they are attempting to register from a location not specified on your allowed list. We also have an API that you can tap into and get responses back in milliseconds.

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