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Geo Targeting

Leverage Location Information to Increase Sales and Secure Your Site

Target Your Audience By IP Location

When you create a marketing campaign, you’re taking in a lot of information. What the user likes, your best-selling products, upcoming sales, related articles and information for a little extra flavor. And even though all of this can feel overwhelming, it’s incredibly important to take into consideration so that you can engage with your user in a way that feels helpful and personal. Well, there’s one more piece of information that can positively affect your online marketing strategy, and that’s geo targeting.

Geo targeting utilizes the user’s geo IP to locate them. This address tells us where the user is accessing your site from. With Xverify, this information is gathered as soon as the user accesses the area of your site where our API or JavaScript is set up. Armed with this information, you can specify your marketing plan to the individual’s specific location. “Is this really helpful information?” You might be asking yourself. “I don’t want to have yet another aspect to keep track of.”

And hey, we get it. This whole marketing thing is a lot. But this one aspect has the potential to bring in new clients, increase existing business, and protect your site further from bots and malicious users. To us, that’s worth the extra time. An added bonus? Xverify offers this at no additional cost. That’s what we call a great deal, but we get that you might need a little more convincing. So, let’s take a deep dive into how this can really help your business.

Specify Audience by Geo IP

As you start to segment out audiences for different marketing campaigns, geotargeting is going to be one of the most useful parts of our API. Think of all the facets of a target audience that you take into consideration: income, gender, spending habits and potential interests. Now think about how much the location of where someone lives influences their decision making.

Someone that lives in a low-income city probably isn’t going to be interested in spending $500 on a handbag, but they would be potentially interested in a BOGO sale or your newest mark downs. Using your knowledge of a specific area can help you build a marketing campaign that makes more of an impact on the users from that city.

For example, a city like Chicago is known for extreme winters, insane sports fans and really good food. You can use this information to build a marketing campaign centered around any one of these aspects of the city to drive users in the area to your site and stores.


Drive Traffic to Specific Stores through Geo Targeting

This tip is great for companies that have multiple stores across different cities. Anyone that’s worked for a corporation knows that some branches or stores do better than others, and opening a new location can make you bleed money if the traffic isn’t driven through the doors.

If a store in a specific city is struggling, you can promote it to users coming from that city. By utilizing a user’s location, you can push sales and incentives to drive traffic to a low performing store. Offering in-store coupons or promoting in-store sales to users that can easily access the location, you’re making the most of the information you have.

Use Local Events to Promote Sales/Store

Knowing where your users are coming from opens the opportunity for you to create campaigns, sales and promotion around big events happening in that area. By focusing your sales or promotions around what’s happening in their city, you are not only creating a space for your business to be relevant, you’re also engaging the user on a personal level, making them feel important and heard. Plus you get the added bonus of giving them ideas on what they can do in their towns/cities, positioning yourself as a go to for information, potentially driving more traffic to your site.

An example could be Lalapalooza, which takes place in Chicago every summer. Lalapalooza is a collection of some of the hottest bands from around the world and people flock to the city to see it. People who live in the city head down town to enjoy the music as well, but not before they stock up on great clothes and food. This is a great opportunity to do a campaign around festival styles and pair it with articles about tricks to make your festival experience the best yet. Engaging with users personally over something they would be excited about, makes it more likely to look at your site and engage with your content.

Protect Your Site from Bots

As great of a tool as geo targeting is for marketing purposes, it’s also helpful in protecting your site. With Xverify location tool, you can actually block IP addresses coming from certain countries. That means that if you have noticed an abundance of suspicious behavior on your site coming from a specific location, you can actually block access to your site from people coming from IP addresses linked to those areas. This can help block potentially harmful users from accessing, and in turn tainting, your page and marketing data.

Another way you can use this blocking feature is to stop people from accessing your site if the information isn’t relevant to them. Say you have a product that is only available in the US. You can block users trying to access your site from other countries. This is a quick and easy way to cut down on clutter from your subscribers. Restricting access to your page decreases the amount of information you are bombarded with, making sorting out the clutter much easier.

Building the tools in your marketing tool box is important for your businesses success. With Xverify, you can not only ensure the quality of your data, but you can also utilize geo targeting to make the most out of your online campaign, at no additional cost.

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