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Email Address Verification

with Send Shield Logo technology

Stop playing guessing games with your inbound data quality. Let us tell you which lead is acceptable and which ones are not. Our advanced Send Shield technology takes email address verification to a whole new level.
What is Send Shield Logo
Better rates of inbox delivery starts with improved data quality.
Send Shield uses a multi-level process to validate email addresses instantly and return the highest rates of accuracy. This technology is designed to help email marketers keep garbage out of their marketing funnel and increase engagement rates with real subscribers.

Level 1

Syntax Validation

This is the very first check we perform; it must be a full and complete email address before we allow the user to submit the data. Send Shield also has built in intelligence to identify formatting issues of specific domains. For example, Gmail allowed email addresses that contain a plus symbol such as Mary+Marketing@gmail.com where Yahoo does not allow this special character in their email syntax. This is something that Send Shield can detect during the email address verification process.

Level 2

Toxic Email Address Detection

Don’t get fooled by an email address that looks legit. Just because an email address is a registered account does not always mean that it is safe to send to. Toxic email addresses can create destruction for your email deliverability. Conveniently reduce your risk of becoming black-listed by putting a layer of security in place. Send Shield goes above and beyond to suppress these high-risk accounts before the damage is done. We maintain a database of millions of toxic email addresses to help keep your sender score safe. This allows you to conveniently reduce your risk of becoming black-listed by putting a layer of security in place.

Level 3

Spam Complainer Indicator

If you get too many spam complainers, your email provider can terminate your account without any warning. Prevention is always better than cure. Our goal is to help you reduce your spam complaint rate and build better relationships with your subscribers. So how does the spam complaint indicator work? Behind the scenes Send Shield’s advanced technology is connected to thousands of feedback loops across all industries. If a specific email ID is appearing across multiple lists more than a specified number of times, we know that the user is a frequent complainer. This way during the email address verification process we can immediately pin point a complainer and keep your email list clean.

Level 4

MTA and Domain Validation

Don’t wait to send your welcome mail out to identify a hard bounce. You cannot successfully deliver an email to an address that don’t have a mail server setup. We check to identify that the domain name is active and not invalid or parked, plus we check with the mail server to make sure valid MX records are active and working.

Level 5

Username Check

To bring you the best in email address verification, we must make sure the user name is a real registered account. Once we verified the email address is not on any of our suppression lists, and we have identified that the mail servers are setup appropriately we make sure the user name is an active mailbox. An email address that was good yesterday might not be good today. The Send Shield technology boosts the highest rates of accuracy by never storing data. Each verification is a unique request, and is still able to yield results in milliseconds.

Level 6

Custom & Partner Settings

Our smart dashboard allows for a lot of customization. Want to display a unique output error message to your users? With just a few clicks you can make that change. You can also configure your account to segment your sources of data. This way you can get a break down of what percentage of data is bad and block the source that sends you garbage data.

Level 7

SendShield Approved

When you start using email validation with Send Shield technology you will see the difference in your data quality. Other email address verification tools just validate if the email address is registered but, Send Shield goes above and beyond to protect your reputation. Xverify also offers free 24-hour IP monitoring to alert you if you land on a blacklist.

Integrations Made Easy:

Let’s make cleaning up your existing list of data simple. Send Shield integrates with most major email platforms so you can quickly connect and clean the lists you already have on a regular basis. With just a few clicks you can import your list from your ESP, have it cleaned up, and automatically pass back your valid records only. We recommend you clean up your lists on a monthly basis as over time users abandon their accounts and they get put into an inactive status.

Getting started is easy we offer a variety of implementation methods to help you validate email addresses easily. You can set up real time verification on your landing pages, or simply send us files for processing.
Implementation Methods
image of javascript implementation method
Our Javascript works with your existing webform to instantly display error messages to the end user when an invalid email address is found.
gears working together for integration
API Integration
Gain more control over how you want your users to proceed on the site. We offer an API that helps identify why we are marking invalid email addresses.
a file after it is uploaded
Batch Upload
Upload your files in a .CSV format via our web uploader tool or through our secured FTP. We process the files quickly and get you back the results
ftp upload
FTP Upload
Our Javascript works with your existing webform to instantly display error messages to the end user when an invalid email address is found.
We help online marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating
hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.
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