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You can test up to 5 email addresses a day with our free email verifier. If you love the results we recommend you setup an account with us and the first 100 email verifications are free.

Mailbox Validation
Temporary Accounts
High Risk Detection
Xverify has specialized in email validation since 2011. Our email validator tools are designed to help digital marketers improve inbox deliverability. We put your data through multiple checks to validate if the email address you have is safe to send to, or a potential threat. Our process is a server to server validation ensuring the email address exists at the domain producing results of 98% accuracy on average.

Our Email Validation Checkpoints

  • Our validation process is not done via a database lookup. With our email validator we make connections to the mail servers to ensure the username is a registered and active mailbox.
  • We have a huge suppression list of domains that host temporary email accounts. This way we help add a layer of security to keep you safe from disposable addresses used by scammers.
  • Our email validator will aid with the suppression of high risk email addresses. A high-risk email is one which was once active, became inactive, then reactivated. These can get you blacklisted.
  • Constant complainers is another type of email account our email validator protects you from. The less spam complaints you have the better your inbox deliverability becomes.
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Implement Xverify on your own site.

Implementing our email verifier tool on your own landing page is simple. We offer a Javascript which is plug and play and you can have it up and running within minutes. You can also use our email validation API to have more control over the user experience.
Check out our developer documentation.

Cleaning up a list of email addresses.

If you don’t have the technical resources to implement email verification on your website, we also have batch uploading capabilities. You can easily upload CSV files through our web interface 24 hours a day, or connect to us via FTP to load large files containing more than 100k email records.

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Use Xverify's email validation tools to identify if email accounts you acquire are real active mailboxes. Eliminate hard bounces, and boost your inbox deliverability in one step.

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