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Postal Address Verification Improves Direct Mailing

Good address data is essential for direct mail to be successful
Direct mail campaigns have some of the highest ROI in marketing. Through creative campaigning, you have the opportunity to stand apart from the crowd with a physical piece of mail. The physicality of these campaigns gives you a unique chance to make a long-lasting impact with your potential customer base. Similar to email campaigns, your direct mail campaign is only successful if your mail makes it to the user.

What is Postal Address Verification?

Postal Address verification is the process of taking addresses submitted by user’s and comparing them to the USPS registry of addresses. This quick process ensures that the address submitted by a user is accurate and ready to be mailed to. For all US and Canadian addresses, our process is 100% accurate, which means 100% of your mail gets delivered.

Accurate Segmenting

In any marketing campaign, segmenting is going to play a key role. Segmenting allows you to craft campaigns that will touch the readers in a way that a mass campaign won’t. Whether it’s by age, gender, interests, purchase history or any of the other number of ways you can segment your audience, you need reliable information. With address verification, you know that the person you’re intending to contact is checking their mailbox regularly, and you can market to them accordingly. Once you have identified the address data as deliverable you can append back additional data points about your recipients like age, gender and income. Using this information, you can separate out your users into more informed groups, so that your business doesn’t fall into the background noise of mass advertising.


Segmenting feeds right into personalization. The currant age of advertising and marketing is based purely off making the user feel like you’re speaking directly to them. The goal is to make your message speak so much to the user that they forget that you’re trying to sell them something. This process is commonly referred to as personalization. Segmenting helps you in this process, but little tricks like addressing the user by their name or sending out birthday offers will also go a long way in making the user feel like more than just a number. Address verification and data appending helps corroborate a user’s information so that you can confidently address them in a personal way.

Integration Capabilities

Direct mail is significantly more successful when you can reinforce your point across multiple mediums. Linking your direct mail campaign with an email component doubles your impact with your user. Start your campaign with an email, then send them a token in the mail and follow up with another email that represents the same campaign. Don’t forget you will also want to use our email verification tools. The physical piece of mail is a constant reminder of your company and the follow up email peaks the user’s interest once more. Address verification, both for email and direct mail, helps link emails and addresses with their proper users. When an email and a physical address are confirmed for the same user, you can feel confident sending out a linked campaign for double the chance of connecting with your user. Keep in mind you can also track the success of your mailing campaign by printing a unique discount code on your flyer.

Save Money

Undelivered mail is wasted money. A high-quality mailing list ensures that your mail is getting its money’s worth. This not only cuts down on wasted materials, it also increases the likelihood that your marketing efforts will return a sale. Additionally, address verification eliminates money spent on return postage and allows you to send out mail with the exact postage needed, saving you money on additional, unnecessary postal expenses. Slimming down your spending on easily avoidable mistakes frees up spending for other, valuable aspects of your business.

Direct mailing, when done properly, can gain you loyal customers that are genuinely interested in your brand. Having this effect only comes after proper research, creative thinking, and of course a thorough address verification process. Before you send out your next direct mail campaign, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success with Xverify’s address verification services.

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