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Privacy Shield Certified

Data is important. It’s something you’ll find us saying a lot here at Xverify. The need to verify your data before funneling it into you sales pipeline is necessary for the success of your digital marketing campaign. That’s why choosing a data verification service is not something that should be taken lightly. Choose a service that understands the value of your data. Not only should your data be intelligently and diligently combed through, it should be treated with a sense of security that mirrors the importance of this information.

Why We Are Privacy Shield Certified

Xverify understands the value quality data has. We also understand that keeping that data private is an integral part of your marketing and sales process. That’s why we recently went through the process of becoming Privacy Shield Certified. The Privacy Shield was designed by the US Department of Commerce, The European Union Commission and the Swiss Administration to provide companies along the Atlantic with the means to comply with international data protection laws when they transfer personal data between the US, Switzerland and the European Union.

The Privacy Shield works as an effective way to comply with international data laws and data transfer protocols. These three countries worked to put together these standards because of the high volume of data transferring that occurs across the Atlantic. The difference in laws between each sector made maintaining the highest quality of data protection difficult, and put users at risk for breaking these laws and making their data vulnerable to potential hacks. The need for a uniform system that valued data protection was an obvious gap that needed to be filled.

Maintaining Highest Standards for Data Protection

To maintain the highest standards for data protection, rushed to be Privacy Shield Certified. The Privacy Shield is independently run by a 3rd party, making certification no simple task. That made us only want the Privacy Shield Certification more. This certification is another way we can show how we are eager to go above and beyond when it comes to protecting your company’s data.

Achieving the level of quality that the Privacy Shield Certification requires sets us apart from other, less dedicated sites that aren’t willing to put forth the effort of truly protecting your assets. Not only does it set us apart, it also makes us a reliable source for international data security and verification. In the world of digital marketing, expecting to have only US based customers, and therefore data, is unrealistic.

This level of comfort with international security gives Xverify a leg up on the competition that may only be able to certify American based data. When it comes to data collection, verification and transfer capabilities, Xverify is your best resource. Our efforts to handle your information with the greatest care possible is only further proven by our maintenance of the highest, most valued certification in the world of data. The Privacy Shield Certification is simply the cherry on top of our already stellar record of maintaining the uppermost quality data protection services. Protect your company’s potential with the service that is constantly striving for excellence. Choose Xverify for Privacy Shield Certified data protection and verification services.

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Privacy Shield Certified