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Xverify Seamlessly Integrates with

Easily Create Attractive Forms with Validation Now
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    Now that Xverify is integrated with Formstack, it’s easier than ever to create attractive eye-catching forms that convert.


    Once your form is built you can easily attach Xverify. No fancy tech work required; just cut and paste, and drag and drop.


    Test to make sure everything is fully funnel ready. If it looks good to you, then you are ready to go live with your new verified form.

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Less Tech Required

Before, building attractive forms required HTML and CSS scripting. Now, Formstack allows you build custom eye-catching forms that convert with no coding necessary. You can choose a template or design your own. This simplifies your marketing process and allows you to more easily capture and track leads without needing to add a developer to your team.

Better Data Quality

Layering your form with data verification is like adding a layer of protection to your site. Prevent spam bots and enhance your data quality. Adding Xverify will help you eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, avoid malicious email addresses and minimize fraud. Once your Formstack form is ready, attach Xverify and watch high quality leads flow into your funnel.

Stop Bad Data on the Spot

When you have Xverify connected to your form, it’s going to notify your customer on the front end of any errors. If your customer fat-fingers your form with a typo, we are going to let them know. This gives your website visitors an opportunity to correct the form before attempting to resubmit. On average, 20% of invalid data is because of typos.

About the Partnership

Xverify has teamed up with Formstack to help you improve your funnel. Our goal is to make life easier on our customers and to simplify the verification process. You can’t have leads without a method of collection. You can’t have 100% good leads without validation. These two services go hand-in-hand.

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