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  • Reduce Hard Bounces
  • Lower Spam Complaints
  • Minimize Fraud
  • Highly Accurate

Real-Time Email Verification

Email verification occurs at the point of entry directly in your own landing page. Most verifications occur in milliseconds and produce high rates of accuracy.

Stop Hard Bounces

Keep your IP score intact by preventing hard bounces before they happen. We check each email address at the server to make sure the user name exists at the domain.

Built-in Fraud Protection

Just because an email address is registered, it doesn't mean it is safe to mail to. Some email addresses belong to online fraudsters which could generate chargebacks or online litigators. This added layer of protection goes a long way for your email campaigns.

Minimize your Spam Complaints

Our tools can flag email addresses which frequently mark email communication as spam. This will improve your email deliverability by reducing damage to your sender score.

Free Name & IP Verification

We stop profanity from getting into your name collection form and utilize IP verification to geo-target.

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