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XVerify Intelligent Email Verification
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Convert your leads by validating your customer data in milliseconds
We check email addresses to make sure the username exists at the domain. Our service is proven to return the highest rates of accuracy and we can verify all the major consumer email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail. Stop hitting the spam folder and start seeing inbox success.
Keep invalid email addresses from getting into your database.
Avoiding conversion loss due to user input errors is critical for your success. Simply integrate our API into your web form or mobile applications and emails will be verified as they are entered.
We help online marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.
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  • Identify Invalid Emails
  • Auto Correct Typos
  • Identify High Risk Emails
  • Flag Spam Complainers
  • Increase Inbox Deliverability
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