What is Email Verification

Jun 25 2015

Email verification. What is it?

To most people, email verification is what happens when you create a new social account or sign up for a company’s service and they send you an email for you to verify that the email you gave them is indeed yours. We get countless requests from consumers to validate their Playstation Address, their Apple I.D, etc… but this is not the kind of email verification that we offer.

When it comes to the email marketing world though, this is not what email verification is. It goes by many different names- Email List Cleaning, Email Scrubbing, Email Validation, but they are all doing the same thing, working on cleaning your list of hard bounces and of its bad/invalid data. We thought it would make a lot of sense to create a post for you to explain further what email verification is and how it will help you improve the ROI of your email campaigns.

So what is email verification and how does it work? Our tools are actually validating that the email addresses in your list to assure that they are valid and are real addresses at the ISP’s server. We are doing this validation process my reaching out to the ISP’s (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Etc…) via an SMTP ping to reach out to their servers to assure that addresses in your lists are deliverable. This way we are providing you with the most up to date information; we are not pulling our valid/invalid responses from a list of email addresses in a database because this would garner much less accurate results, which would hurt your email deliverability; we are asking the ISP’s server every time if the email is valid or not. What this does for you is it helps you remove all of the bounces from your lists allowing you to keep your IP reputation in great shape.

Here is a video explaining what our service does
Along with running the server to server check which makes sure the email address is valid, we are also running the email addresses through our built in suppression list removing high risk emails from your data base. These high risk emails that we remove are of known complainers, spammers, fraudsters and litigators that can hurt your IP reputation and cost you money. All verifications we run scrub against this list so you can rest assured that your list will be clean and of the utmost quality.

So we allow you to upload a file, but would I be able to this in real time?

What is Real-Time Email Verification?

Along with doing batch email verification we can actually clean leads on your web forms in real time. This will be doing exactly what our batch system does to verify the clean your leads but it will be working live on your websites forms weeding out any potential bad leads from entering into your database!

By verifying your leads in real time you can save yourself a lot of money on your media buying budget. If you are running PPC, Radio Ads, or Social advertising and you are driving potential customers to your website, real-time verification can be a very valuable tool for you. What our statistics have shown us is that 18% of leads coming into our customer’s web forms are invalid. This means that 18% of all of the leads on their websites were bad before they even had a chance to contact them. This results in $1,000’s of dollars being lost every year along with reducing their overall email deliverability which decreases their ROI even further.

What real time verification does is it validates the address in milliseconds; if the user on your page accidently mistypes their email they will be prompted to change it to a valid address. By prompting them to change their address you can assure that you are only brining in real and valuable data so you are not wasting your media buying budget on obtaining invalid customer data.
You can test out our services for by signing up today so you can see how real time and batch email verification can help increase the revenue of your business.

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