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Intelligent Email Verification

A trusted solution for your digital marketing needs. Now with SEND SHIELD technology

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protect from fake emails



increase email deliverability



Eliminate your Hard-Bounces. It's that simple.

We help online marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating
hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.



Our Email validator checks each unique email address to make sure the username is registered at the domain. We also put it
through our built-in fraud protection to make sure it is not a temporary account, or linked to an online fraudster.

User Dashboard For Email Verification

Accurate Email Verification

Accuracy is the key to data quality. Our tools are proven to be 98% accurate across all major email domains such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

Instant Results

A majority of our responses occur in less than one second. Being able to instantly alert your end users when they input information incorrectly helps them correct mistakes. Alert and convert your leads in real-time.

Auto Correction

10% of invalid data is from typos alone. Our built-in auto correction can easily notify the end users when they spell a domain incorrectly, such as Yahooo, when they likely intended for Yahoo.

of user data is garbage
pie chart showing average bad email address data
Weed out the unwanted email IDs and keep the ones that are more likely to engage.
of invalid data is human error
pie chart showing bad data from typos
Let's face it, typos happen. If it was something as simple as Yahoo.com, we can fix it.
of users will correct to a valid if they knew it was invalid
pie chart showing amount of typo corrections
We find that over half of end users will correct their username typos if you notify them - Alert & Convert.

We are Mobile-Ready

Verifications happen in the cloud and on mobile devices. Our Javascript is mobile ready to help you prevent "dumb-thumbs"
and smartphone autocorrection from giving you the wrong information. Stay a step ahead of the curve and Verify on the Fly.

Keeping invalid emails from getting into your database

Avoiding conversion loss due to user input errors is critical for your success. Simply integrate our API into your web form or mobile application and emails will be verified as they are entered.

email verification on mobile devices

Pricing is Pay-As-You-Go

No Minimum Requirements. No Setup Fees.

Volume Discounts Apply Depending Upon Total Verifications Per Month.

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10,000 Verifications
1 cent or less per each email icon Email phone icon Phone address icon Address Verification
$100.00 USD

Need more than 250k verifications per month?

Please email us at sales@xverify.com or give us a call at 1.866.903.9164

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