What are you currently doing to verify customer data?

Dec 01 2016

verify your customer data

If your answer is nothing you have a big problem on your hands. If you don’t think you have a problem right now, you’re wrong. Customer data is the life of your business, don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect the correct data the first time.If you want your business to have long-term success it is important you verify customer data.

Go Beyond a Syntax Check

When I ask customers “What are you currently doing to verify customer data?” many times they think syntax checks are sufficient. Sure, formatting is important but even a bot can get the format correct. You have to go above and beyond when trying to protect your website from fictitious data. You have to outsmart the fraudsters. You have to verify customer data the right way, and you must do it in real time.

What email verification does:
Inbox Verification – We are not just making sure the email address is formatted correctly, but that is the first step we take. If the formatting is correct we need to make sure the user name of the email address is a real registered and active inbox. Lots of email accounts look real to the human eye, but fail to deliver after you send off a mail. Look at this email address for example, let’s say your customer provided you with an email account of kambyqt3i@gmail.com sure it looks legit. However, once you run that through our verification process you will know the email address is invalid, and undeliverable before your mail goes out.
Detect and Correct – More of your customers are connecting to your landing pages through smartphones and tablets. Typing is not as easy when you are working with your thumbs and more invalid email addresses get entered. When you verify customer data with XVerify on your landing pages we can help you alert them something went wrong. This way if the email address was even off by a single letter we can notify them of the error. Nine times out of ten the user will correct the mistake. This way you ensure you are only allowing valid leads into your marketing funnel.
Built-in Fraud Protection – Fraud happens every single day. During the process to verify customer data our tools help you minimize your risk of fraud with our built in fraud protection. If an email address attempts to get entered that we have on our high risk suppression list we will stop it. We also send you an email notification to give you a heads up on what is going on. If a spam bot were to try to attack your page, you have special setting options which can also prompt a CAPTCHA to appear to make sure the bot cannot submit data through your webform.

Data points that are important when you verify customer data.

verify customer data
● Email Verification
● Phone Verification
● Address Verification
● Zip Code Verification
● IP Verification

Customer data verification is not limited to just email addresses. You might want to also consider verifying other important pieces of data such as phone and postal as well. If you are selling tangible products online getting the package to the recipient is important. Delays in that process will cost you and make the customer unhappy. Putting postal address verification in place makes sure that that the user provided you with an accurate and full address.

Phone numbers are just as much important. Especially if you operate a call center. Phone number verification is available within the US/CAN and can make sure the phone numbers are not fictitious. We verify customer data to ensure you are getting the highest quality results, and we can report back to you if the phone number was a cell phone or land line.

Get Implemented Today

It is 100% worth it to simply add real time data verification to your landing pages and when you work with XVerify it is easy to get integrated. We have a javascript that you can easily paste into your landing pages where you collect data. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you need any help getting started we are always welcome to help you when you send in a support ticket to support@xverify.com

Benefits when you Verify Customer Data.
● Eliminate hard bounces
● Improve engagement in your email campaign
● Improve your SenderScore
● Reduce your number of spam complaints
● Minimize Fraud
● Detect and Correct Typos


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