Top Email Marketing Software in 2019

Feb 27 2019

Here’s the thing about Email Marketing. It flat out works. Yes, even more so in 2019. In fact, for every $1 you spend on Email Marketing, you can expect to get a return of $38 on average!

With the endless options to choose from today, it’s extremely easy for business owners to get stuck during the decision of deciding the right Email Marketing Software for their needs.

Here, we go over some of the best Email Marketing Software in the industry today, to make it easier for you. We’ve personally tried these all for multiple days. While we cannot choose the best one for you, we can tell you what’s best about each of them to help you make a smart choice.

1. SendX

SendX is an Email Marketing Software focused on providing an intuitive, feature-rich and affordable experience to business owners and marketers. A relative newcomer in the industry, SendX has been consistently scooping up numerous awards from Capterra & G2Crowd.

sendX Email

Go with SendX as your Email Marketing Software if:

  • You want Excellent 24×7 Customer Support: SendX ensures you never get stuck with your Email Marketing, thanks to their top-notch support via live chat or email.

  • You want the Best in Breed Email Deliverability: Your awesome email copy and subject lines are useless if your Emails don’t get delivered. SendX optimizes your campaigns based on 30+ parameters including past open behavior, timezone, domain name etc. This ensures world-class Email Deliverability across the board.

  • You’re looking for the most value for money: SendX provides extremely affordable paid plans (starting with a 14-day free trial), starting from as low as $7.49/month. And no, this comes without sacrificing anything on the features end. You get all the features across all the paid tiers.


2. ActiveCampaign

 ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing platform with Email tools, Marketing Automation and Sales CRM. You can go really advanced here, depending on your requirements and do so without burning a hole in your wallet.

Active Campaign Email

Go with ActiveCampaign if:

  • You’re an advanced user and depend heavily on Marketing Automation: ActiveCampaign is a powerhouse which serves business owners, sales teams and marketers looking to take things up a notch and set up elaborate marketing campaigns.

  • You want advanced stuff at a very reasonable price: For the amount of stuff that they offer, ActiveCampaign is quite affordable. So if you don’t want to invest a lot but still want to get powerful marketing automation capabilities, ActiveCampaign would shine.

  • You need visual workflows: While they are not the best in the space, ActiveCampaign does have visual workflows to help build elaborate and complex marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to do that at an affordable price, then ActiveCampaign deserves a shot.


Hands down the most popular tool in this industry, MailChimp is an all-round marketing tool which handles a large part of your sales funnel for you. With an extremely low barrier to entry, MailChimp boasts a large customer base and deserves a spot on this list.

MailChimp Email

Go with MailChimp if:

  • You’re looking for a free solution: Probably the biggest customer acquisition channel for MailChimp is their Forever Free plan. Which allows you to send 12000 emails per month for up to 2000 subscribers. If this suits your needs, then MailChimp definitely deserves your attention.

  • You’re looking a simple solution: MailChimp has one of the cleanest and simplest UIs in the industry. If you’re starting Email Marketing from scratch, MailChimp makes it really easy.

  • You work with a lot of other email marketing software: MailChimp has a ton of integrations. The most number of integrations in this space. If you use or plan to use a lot of other tools to run your business, chances are MailChimp has a native integration with them.


4. ConvertKit

 ConvertKit is a marketing automation platform for bloggers and online creators. This means having templates, automation, and features which cater specifically to the blogger and online creator segment. If you have a blog and are at a place where you’re willing to invest money, you should check this out.

Convert Kit Email

Go with ConvertKit if:

  • You sell online courses: ConvertKit has pre-built automation and a knowledgable support team for bloggers and information product businesses. If you’re in that space, you should definitely give ConvertKit a shot.

  • You’re looking for simple tracking data: ConvertKit has a really simple tracking system in place for bloggers and doesn’t go into advanced marketing data (which is useless for a lot of businesses!)

  • You primarily send text-based emails: ConvertKit emphasizes on text-based emails instead of image-heavy ones since they’re proven to get higher opens and conversions for bloggers. Hence, they have an efficient text editor and templates.


5. Drip

Known as the world’s first ECRM (eCommerce Customer Relationship Manager), Drip is the most powerful marketing automation tool in this article. A major pioneer of marketing automation, they boast powerful capabilities for the advanced business owner.

drip- email marketing software

Go with Drip if:

  • You’re an advanced eCommerce Store owner: When it comes to Marketing Automation, it’s hard to deny that Drip cannot be beaten. Coming with tight integration with eCommerce platforms, you cannot go wrong with Drip if you’re looking for elaborate marketing campaigns.

  • You’re looking for the best visual journey builder: Drip once again shines here with its extremely powerful and beautiful journey builder. If you plan to create workflows and use advanced automation, you should check out Drip.

  • You’re heavily reliant on Facebook Ads: Drip has

    an excellent integration with Facebook Ads. If you run ads on Facebook for your eCommerce Store and want to make your workflow more effective, Drip definitely deserves a try.


Hope this article helped make the job a little bit easier for you, and made things a bit clearer. By no means, you should just go with the cheapest or the most powerful.

We’ve helped make it easier by breaking down each of the best Email Marketing Softwares according to the businesses they are suitable for. You should take this analysis and try out the one that suits your needs by signing up for a Free Trial and giving it a shot.

Guest post by SendX

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