Survey Your Subscribers to Boost Email Engagement Rates

Dec 30 2016


Email campaigns that get the highest rates of engagement are campaigns that are more tailored to the individual subscriber. Not only in terms of marketing to your customer, but also learning more about improving your business model. Reliable customer feedback can bring a lot of valuable insights to your business. Then you can learn how to communicate much better with your customers and grow your relationship.

Think of all those birthday emails retailers send you. I bet you are more likely to open an email with a title that says, “Claim your Secret Birthday Gift” during your birthday month. You have to get more details from your subscribers, but how?

Ask and you shall receive, is a powerful method. Start by surveying your subscribers to find out their likes, dislikes, date of birth, and other information that can help you better personalize your campaign.

Depending on what email service platform you are using, some have the ability to survey recipients built right into their campaign options. Instead of pushing your customer out to a third party redirect link, you can embed dynamic questions directly into your email so recipients can respond without even needing to leave their inbox.

If those kind of tools are not available within the email platform you are using, you can attempt to collect more information about your users at the point of sign up. However, a big drawback to collecting data during the registration process is that it can significantly cut down on your conversion rate. We have found that more fields of data that have to be collected in the sign up process the easier it is to lose the users interest and it can cause them to abandon the site.

The other option is you can use tools such a SurveyMonkey to gather information about your users. Although, this method would push users out to a third party link. This would then require them to first click before being taken over to the survey. So if your engagement rate is already low then, you might not get enough survey results to start hashing out a plan for personalization.

Whichever method you go with to get additional details out of your users, keep it short and sweet. We know how some of those customer feedback surveys can be grueling and redundant. Set yourself up with a maximum of maybe 3-5 questions you can ask your customers about. This way you retain their interest. If you still want more information from them, go back and do it again a few weeks later. If the first survey was painless they are going to be likely to take you up on round 2.

After you collected all the pertinent information you need then you can start personalizing your content more. The more you personalize the more you should see an increase in your user engagement rate. We would love to hear what you ended up doing, and what kind of results you got. Share with us in the comments below on how you used a survey to boost your engagement rates.

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