Role Based Email Accounts

Jun 18 2014

role based email accounts
What’s wrong with role based email accounts?

First, lets cover what a role based account is. It is an email address that does not belong to one specific person but to a role within a company. Role-based email accounts are known for creating deliverability and engagement issues. Many of the email addresses look something like,,, etc. One of the reasons why these are not good to market to because they are often publically displayed on websites contact us pages. This means they are easily scraped by fraudsters and could be injected into your landing pages. These email addresses are often widely used as spam traps.

Does XVerify automatically stop role based email accounts?

Nope, that’s not something that we do by default, but it is something that we give you control over. Some businesses may frequently communicate with role-based accounts if they are in the B2B environment, while B2C clients of ours may want to suppress against these types of accounts. Inside of our email settings page we give our clients control over blocking keywords.

This is where we typically recommend adding role-based accounts if they are problematic for them. In fact many ESPs will automatically block against role-based accounts and they are likely to be kicked out when you attempt to import them over there. However, if there are email accounts you must communicate with, that are role-based accounts and your ESP is not allowing you to communicate with these types of email addresses then it’s best to contact them through your personal email rather than mass mailing.

More Examples of Role Based Accounts
Help@             Abuse@
Support@        Admin@
Info@             Sales@
Jobs@           Careers@
no-reply@      Marketing@
Request@      Contact@
Hello@           Postmaster@
Request@      Reservations@
Noc@             Webmaster@

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