How to Prevent an Email Bounce Back Immediately

Nov 04 2018

email bounce back

We all know what email bounce backs are, but understanding why they occur and how to prevent them is essential for any email marketer. Bouncebacks are generally categorized as either “hard,” indicating a permanent delivery failure, or “soft,” which denotes a temporary delivery issue that will be alerted to the sender so it can be sent at a later date.

Although they occur for various reasons, senders can drastically reduce their email bounce back rate with the simple aid of an email verification service. By removing invalid email addresses from a contact list before campaign deployment, email verification improves senders’ likelihood of hitting the inbox while preserving their sending reputation.

Why Does an Email Bounce Back Occur?

  • Non-Existent Email Addresses (Hard Bounce)

This is as straight-forward as it gets! Typically, it’s the result of typos or sending to old email addresses that are no longer active.

  • Undeliverable Email Addresses (Soft Bounce)

The receiving email server is unavailable, overloaded, undergoing maintenance or experiencing other technical difficulties.

  • Full Mailbox (Soft Bounce)

The recipient’s mailbox cannot receive any more emails due to storage constraints.

  • Auto-Reply (Soft Bounce)

The recipient has configured their email address to temporarily bounce all emails until a later date.

  • Blocked Email (Hard Bounce)

The receiving server has blocked the incoming email (most common with academic or government mail servers).

  • Improper Files Attached (Hard Bounce)

For security reasons, certain executable file types, such as .exe and .wsf, cannot be attached to an email and will bounce.

  • Other

A reason for the bounce is not provided so the email could have bounced for one of the above reasons or something else.

How Can Bounce Backs Be Prevented?

The most effective way to prevent emails from bouncing is to only send to valid email addresses. Therefore, the quality of the email addresses in a sender’s database is of the utmost importance. By employing an email verification service, senders can rest easy knowing that their contact lists are comprised of only valid, deliverable email addresses.

At the end of the day, every sender’s main goal is for their emails to land in the inbox on every campaign. Let’s take a closer look at how Xverify validates an email address to prevent an email bounce back. Email verification is a critical step in ensuring that goal becomes a reality.

email check

Validation at the point of entry is the key to eliminating email bounce back.

We verify to make sure the USERNAME is a real registered account at the DOMAIN. This means in real time as your users are filling out your web form, verification is happening. If the user makes a minor mistake such as typing an extra letter they will be prompted that something is wrong.

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