Build a healthy email list with the Justuno and Xverify integration

Oct 15 2019

Justuno Xverify integration

This week, we have a guest blog written by our friends at Justuno to announce our integration. Keep reading to see how the integration helps e-commerce brands keep their databases sparkling clean.


Here at Justuno we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a brand new integration with Xverify! 


Since our core strength is helping e-commerce merchants build their email database and nurture those contacts through their customer journey from browse to purchase, our platforms produces better results with email addresses that are high-quality contacts.


Many times, Justuno customers will notice a drop in their onsite promotions performance: merchants are seeing high opt-in rates to their onsite pop-ups, but low conversion rates…what gives? It could be that the email addresses being entered aren’t valid emails and simply website visitors who are just trying to access a discount code.


This leads us to another commonly asked question among e-commerce merchants: how do I prevent my site traffic from just giving a false email and accessing the discount?


We’re great at collecting and pushing email addresses to your email service provider (ESP) but how can you take extra measures to validate those email contacts to make sure you’re quickly building a healthy list?


With Justuno and Xverify, your validation problem is solved.


How Justuno & Xverify work together


Justuno is the best software for email address collection and we accomplish this through a variety of lead capture strategies:

• Onsite pop-ups

• Fullscreen overlays

• Website message bars

• AI upsell & cross-sell offers

• …and more!


When you are setting up your Justuno offer, one of the first options you’ll see is the option to connect a technology partner to support your offer. You can connect an email service provider (ESP) and SMS provider or an email verification provider. By turning on the Xverify integration, you’ll be ensuring that the Xverify technology actually verifies an email address once it is submitted into your Justuno pop-up:


Justuno Xverify integration


With this additional level of validation, you’re ensuring that your marketing resources are going further because the addresses you’ll collect are viable leads. By confirming an email’s validity, you’ll see an improvement across multiple database metrics. These statistics help you improve email campaigns success and ensure you’re not wasting marketing resources on low-quality leads.


Xverify can help to:


• Eliminate hard bounces

• Reduce complaints

• Protect against fraud

• Increase deliverability rates


Quality over Quantity


Email has proven itself over and over again as the most effective marketing channel with an incredible 38:1 average ROI! If your email database isn’t performing well and your marketing campaigns aren’t converting, it could be a signal that your list needs to be optimized.


As most e-commerce merchants know, a healthy email list is a profitable one. Regularly cleaning out your database and scrubbing inactive contacts is a great maintenance approach, but imagine if you could forgo that maintenance from the start.


In order to keep your list populating with email contacts that can be converted from subscribers into purchases and then buyers into repeat customers, you’ll need to implement some sort of checkpoint between the submission and being enrolled into your email service provider’s database.


How to set up the integration


If you’re ready to start verifying email addresses and building a healthier, more profitable email database, getting started with this integration is easy:


1. Sign in to Justuno (Don’t have an account yet? Create a free one here.)

2. Create your first promotion

3. When prompted to connect a provider, select “Email Verification”

4. Add your credentials to the Xverify integration setup


…and you’re done!


For a detailed step-by-step on setting up the Xverify integration inside your Justuno account, please visit the support article here.

Justuno bio: Justuno is an AI visitor conversion platform that utilizes billions of user data points to provide intelligent lead captures, personalized website messaging, and actionable insights that help e-commerce businesses turn website clicks into customers.

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