Instagram Marketing Tips That Produce Mega Engagement

Feb 07 2017

Instagram Marketing Tips

Are you ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Are you on Instagram, or are you not? If you think the Instagram community is just for millennial’s to post selfies with filters applied you are missing out on a huge business opportunity. So we put together a list of Instagram marketing tips to help you get unstuck.

An image is worth a thousand words, and seeing something that is eye catching can spark a person’s interest to do an “impulse buy”. In reality, Instagram growing at a fast pace, is sprinting its way to the top of the social media skyscraper.

Here are a few popular Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Optimize Your Bio: Place short descriptive text in your bio and also make use of emoji’s. The emoji’s are very eye catching and can get more people quickly finding out about what you do. Make sure you also place a link to whatever it is that you are selling, or simply a link back to your main page.

*note you can only have one link with Instagram. Hyperlinks do not work in content posts. If you want to change a link make sure that you update your bio link to reflect where you want to point your users.

Want some inspiration – check out a few of these bio examples that are crushing it.





2. Have Balanced Content On Instagram

We have seen those Instagram accounts where every day someone is just taking a picture of their Fitbit or Apple watch stats? Super boring, but you can’t unsubscribe since it’s your cousin who is doing it. You don’t want to have your business look boring on Instagram.


Post pictures of people, pictures of animals, post an offer, post your product, post a followers photo for a shout out. Do whatever you need to do to keep it interesting.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to add to your instagram marketing tips…

Don’t post a photo of the same product every day

Don’t try to push for a sale every day

Don’t over post

Do mix your content up

Do post inspirational quotes occasionally

Do add captions to all of your photos

Examples of Balanced Content





3. Ask for Engagement

Many brands are running Instagram contests/giveaways to ask users to participate to WIN something. Usually they are requesting for the user to leave a comment, share the photo on their Instagram page, or tag some friends.

As you will notice in the below examples it is important to tell your users exactly what to do in order to quality for an entry in your giveaway. Include things like who is eligible to enter, and also include the entry deadline information.

Check out some of these awesome Instagram campaigns that are seeing success.




content 1


content 2

Start here and this will get you well on your way to generating some great rates of engagement on your feed with your followers. If you want some more inspiration and more ideas to grow your Instagram here are some other articles we found to be very helpful.

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