How Transactional Emails will Change Your Business

Jan 03 2017


Email engagement is the buzz word we constantly keep hearing about. But, what exactly does that mean? Engagement is the art of getting your recipients to open and click your emails. The secret to unlocking your potential is sending out transactional emails.

Transactional emails are operational emails. They are emails that trigger to send off based on actions your customer takes. When you think about your online shopping habits, are you more likely to open an email confirming your recent purchase?

That’s the psychology of your buyer. They want to confirm their order details, make sure everything was right. They want to be able to open their email and see how much money they just spent with your company, or a quick link to track the shipping of the purchase they just made.

Transactional Email Ideas:

1. The welcome mail – This one is important your welcome mail sets the tone for your company. Make sure your branding is on point here, and that you have something valuable to offer your new potential customer than just a simple hello message. Sneak in a “claim your discount” link to get your subscriber clicking on the email you just sent.

2. Password reset emails – Yes, the password reset email counts as a transactional email as well. You can even do a subject line such as “Did you request a password reset?” Then have the option of “Click here to complete your password reset” or tell them to do nothing if they did not intend to reset their password.

3. Cart abandonment – If your user started putting things into their shopping cart, but did not complete the purchase process it is a good idea to send them a follow up email. Send them an email with a list of the things they had in their cart, and a button that says “complete checkout” to easily pick back up where they left off.

4. Purchase receipts – Thank your customers for making a purchase. Have the email contain details about their order. Provide them with a quick link to track their purchase. Show them some other products they might be interested in that correspond with the purchase they made.

5. Support requests – If your user has contacted your support department, send an email letting them know their request has been submitted successfully and give them a timeline of when they can expect to hear back. Provide a quick link in there for them to update their support ticket. This will help generate more clicks.

So now you have a few good ideas on some solid examples of what transactional emails are and how you can apply them to your business. But, how will it really change your business?

The more the users engage with your brand the more trust they build with your brand. The more opens and clicks you get the strong your email reputation and sender score become. This means that you will be less likely to have your emails hit the spam folder. Building up reputation with your subscribers will help you create brand loyalty.

Start implementing transactional emails into your business processes. Make sure that when you collect new subscribers before you add them into your marketing funnel you should always use email verification to help protect your data quality. Bad data quality can damage the hard work you have done to build up your sender score. Want to start a free trial of email verification? Fill in your details below.

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