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Jun 06 2014

XVerify FAQs

So, I wanted to do a little write up about some of the common questions we get asked regularly.

1. How fast do email verifications occur? Majority of our responses are done in milliseconds, however during times of peak email volume, the mail servers that we communicate could take a little bit longer to respond. In the event it is going to take more than 6 seconds we mark the email address as unknown
2. Who are your typical clients? Most of our clients are online lead generators, email marketers, and online retailers. However, we are a great fit for any online business with a website which captures user data. Don’t let me forget bloggers as well; we also work with many of them.
3. What does your fraud protection cover? We help prevent temporary and disposable email addresses from getting into your database. Temporary accounts are widely used by online fraudsters and by having us eliminate them will minimize your risk of fraud. We also have a built in “high risk” category which contains email addresses that are not temporary but have been known to be associated with online fraud or chargebacks. This suppression list alone significantly helps our online retailers dodge fraud before it occurs.
4. Can you do batch processing? We do have batch uploading capabilities both through our web interface as well as via FTP.
5. How often should I clean my database? We like to suggest that you clean older data as often as possible because accounts go inactive all the time. However, as a rule of thumb you should be cleaning up your entire database at least every quarter.
6. Do you store data and what is your policy on security? Security is our first priority, and when you use the API we do not store any of your valid data. However, if you choose to batch files to us we must retain a copy so that you can download your results but it only stays on our servers for a maximum of 30 days and automatically gets dumped.
7. What other types of verification do you do? We can also verify physical addresses and phone numbers within the US and Canada.
8. Got more questions? Reach us at

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