How to Gain Website Leads by Exciting the User

Jul 09 2018

Have you checked your websites bounce rate lately? This is information you can find inside your Google Analytics. Basically, a bounce rate is a way to measure how well your site is holding a visitor’s attention.  Remember your visitors have a short attention span so you want to captivate them from the moment they land on your site.

So, what should your bounce rate be? Well, there is not a clearly defined benchmark for it. However, according to a report performed by Brafton, the average bounce rate is 58%. If you have a B2B site, the average is about 61% and if you have a B2C site its around 54%. Keep in mind the lower your bounce rate the better. Your goal is to have a low bounce rate.

Here are a few ways to win over your customers and create more conversions.

Guide the Users Eye
Your website design plays a big role in how long your customer will stay and what their next action will be. Simplicity is key, and you want the information to get absorbed fast. The eye should be led toward the call to action without much distraction going on within the page.

Below is a great example of how Airbnb entices users to become a host. They are creative by having a beautiful page with a simplistic web form. Notice how easy it is for your eye to gravitate toward that form. Not to mention the huge dollar amount is an easy way to excite your users and gain website leads. Cleary money is a motivator!
Gain Website Leads By Guiding the Eye

Less is More When Creating a Strong Call to Action
Most websites provide only one or two calls to actions above the fold. Once you start adding more than this, you are going to confuse the user. By providing more choices you are also causing yourself to lose money by not directing the user appropriately.

Here’s an interesting study performed titled “More Isn’t Always Better”. This study highlights how consumers make purchasing decisions. When presented with more options, they are simply browsing. However, when presented with a more narrowed down selection it’s easier for them to make a choice.

Notice below how Leadpages provides two calls to action above the fold. It’s like saying… do this or do that. However, you can tell they want you to click the start my free trial more because it is in the dark blue color. It pop’s out at you. Putting together a good use of color can help you gain website leads and get more conversions.
Turn Clicks into Customers

Be Authentic, Build Trust with Buyers
Besides just having a page that looks appealing to you also want to gain the trust factor of your potential buyers. This means that your page should be encrypted with HTTPS. Having your page default to HTTPS not only improves security but boosts your ranking in Google as well.

Make sure your URLS are in a simple and easy to read format. Long URLS made up of a random string of characters appears to be suspicious to buyers. The benefit of having organized URLS is not only helpful to your buyer, but also helpful for google crawlers.

Don’t forget about seals of trust. It’s a great way to have a leg up from your competition. A trust seal shows that you are serious about security and have taken the extra precautions to prove it.

Don’t Let Them Leave, Exit Pop!
They came to your site for a reason. If they are moving on to check out a competitor, what would change their mind? Often a creative and clever exit pop that offers them an incentive to stay a little longer.

The truth is that an exit pop won’t boost your conversions by 300% but if implemented correctly you should see a solid gain. On average it’s proven that exit pops can successfully improve your conversion rates by 5-10%.

Below is an example of an exit pop from pixelscrapper. When the user tries to leave the page it demands their attention with the word “WAIT” in all capitals. It then proceeds to make the user an offer for a free kit once they input their email address. This will not just be helpful to gain website leads, but to also gain conversions.

Wait Dont Go

Creating Urgency to Gain Website Leads
It’s too easy to go to a website, see an offer and think … I like it, but I don’t need it right now. Majority of purchases are Impulse purchases. Therefore, if you don’t want your potential customer to look and leave then it is time to create some urgency.

To gain website leads and conversions urgency is a must. When you create urgency, you eliminate debating if they should make a purchase or not. Use verbiage such as “This offer expires on Monday July 16th, so get your savings while you can.” Another high converting urgency would be to have a countdown timer. You could use the verbiage such as “Don’t miss this one time opportunity, you only have 3 hours left to register.”a

In the example below one of my clients is promoting an upcoming training session. However, they have limited spaces and want to create urgency for people to register before the timer expires. By having a thirty-minute clock it provides the end user with some time to do a little more research but doesn’t give them time to procrastinate on the registration process.
create urgency to gain website leads

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