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Jan 09 2017


So, you are blogging out there on the World Wide Web. Telling your stories and sharing your knowledge. Maybe sometimes you send out an email or two every once in a while. This is exactly where the problems come into play. Most bloggers maybe send 1-2 email blasts out per month. A lot can happen in a month, email addresses in your database go bad and before you know it your email delivery suffers.

Overtime good email addresses go bad, this is why it is important to use email verification. Users frequently abandon their email account, maybe they make a new one, or they could have provided you with bad contact credentials to begin with.

Every hard bounce that you end up getting is going to damage your email sending reputation. Your email content will be worthless if it gets stuck in your subscribers spam folder. You really should be cleaning your list of data on a regular basis to weed out the bad addresses before you send off your next campaign. XVerify performs both email verifications in real time on your landing pages, as well as allows you to run files to check your entire database.

So, how does email verification work?

Email verification checks to make sure the username of the email address is a real registered email account at the domain. This check happens in milliseconds so that you get results in real time. It works great for both desktop and mobile environments. Take a look at this example of email verification in action.


Here is how you can get started.

1. Go to and sign up for an account.

2. Choose your implementation method. The easiest option to get started is to use Javascript.

3. You can find our Javascript from your XVerify dashboard under “implementation” then click on the “Download Script”.

4. Once you have the script simply paste the code into the webpage(s) where you have your lead capture form.

5. Once you do that the next step is to change the CLASS name of your email field to xverify_email this is how our script knows that verification should occur on that specific field.

Want to run a file through our tools?

1. Setup an account with us

2. Create your file make sure it has a header of the word email for the column of data which contains your email addresses.

3. Save your file as a .csv file.

4. Go to your XVerify dashboard, scroll to the bottom and in the bottom right you should find an orange upload button. This is where you can upload your file.

5. Once you submit your file, the processing will begin and when the file is complete you will get an email notification that it is ready to download. Simply log back into your dashboard and go to the location of where you uploaded your file and you should be able to click it to download the results.

Try before you buy

For a limited time we are offering a free list assessment. We can analyze a portion of your data and tell you what your data quality looks like. We will give you back an entire report of which email addresses on your list were good and which ones were bad and why we marked them as bad. Fill in your details below and we will follow up with you to request your test data for email verification.

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