Design Your Email For High Engagement Rates

May 10 2016

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Email Design For High Engagement Rates
Looking to send off your next email campaign and see high user engagement rates? The secret to high engagement rates is to hit the sweet spot by creating quality content, and focusing on good design. Many companies over look these steps and simply assume that if their mailing IPs are maintained by premium ESPs then the users should get the message and click. One basic email template may not be the answer… the difference of the coding in your email template can make the difference of you getting in the inbox or hitting the spam folder.

Coding Your Email with Inbox Delivery in Mind
As I just mentioned, it could be bad code, which causes your email to hit the spam folder. Make sure you are always closing tags that you open and choosing a good HTML editor is also equally important. Many WYSIWYG editors can tack on extra bits of code, which can cause your emails not to display property. Your email design and code is important. Consider using Dreamweaver or code the old-school way using Notepad. It is also a best practice to keep your email widths to fewer than 650 pixels and think about optimizing your design for mobile. Clearly, the dimensions of the email as a whole is important but so are declaring dimensions of images inside your email campaign. By declaring the size of the images you are using it will help your template maintain structural integrity across all email clients.

We love the big beautiful images in email design that buzz our visual pleasure sensors, but there are a few things to think about when creating a template which contains images. First it is best to avoid .png files when you are creating email templates, but more importantly, make sure that you optimize your image file size for the fastest loading capabilities. You also want to take into consideration the number of images that you will put in your template as it is recommended to have a nice balance between images and text.

While you are busy coding your email template and you want to make it look pretty make sure you use long-hand in-line CSS. This way you will take the guess work out of different email providers interpretation of your short-hand and help you be more consistent with your design when the campaign goes out. Unfortunately, things in the design world are never perfect. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of testing, make sure you do many test emails before you scheduled your campaign. Send out the test email to as many different common email providers and make sure the design is as consistent as possible, if you see things that are off, make changes and check again.

Beautiful Design with A Clear Call To Action


This is an example of an email template from Apple, promoting the iPad Pro. As you can see this email has a very clear message, telling people to buy the iPad Pro, the message is in an easy to read format with images framing the call to action text. This way it draws your eye to the center and the blue button stands out so that you are more likely to move your mouse toward clicking it. But, that is not all to take notice to in this example, we can see that in this beautifully designed email they are keeping it simple and only show casing the iPad, not the iPhone or the iMac. This is giving the consumer only one option to move forward with, not a slew of products that they now have to compare with before making a buying decision. Check the full email design here.

In this nicely created campaign by Lyft they made great use of clean, modern design and used a lot of balanced white space to lead your eye to the call to action, and cause you to also want to scroll. They really made great use of typography with accent colors to get their message across quickly and to the point. You can also see here they did not use too many images just their logo and one image which showcases their app. The main goal of this email is to prompt newbies to take a ride. See the full email design here.

nordstrom mothersday

Nordstrom really packed a punch on a handbag sale they did for mothers day. It’s always nice when you can link your content to a special occasion. Their goal was to promote their handbags, but when it comes to fashion there is no true one size fits all. This is how they decided to take one of their most popular purses the ‘hobo’ and place it front and center in this particular email campaign. Then they also provided a bunch of other options each with their own call to action. This gives the buyers to choose from a small handful of options which style best suits their needs and what they are looking for. From there they are able to narrow down other colors, fabrics, and prices to find something that is perfect for them. But, one other important thing to take note of in this email is that Nordstrom contains an email navigational menu at the top with other departments so that users can get to it if handbags are not exactly what they want today. See the Full Email Here

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