7 Essential Email CTA Writing Techniques

May 27 2019

email CTA writing

So, you’ve been throwing out different emails for your products and services, but no one’s clicking your CTA.


Fret no more because we have the perfect tips that will help alleviate your problem. Here are 7 essential email CTA writing techniques you can use to increase your click-through rate and ultimately, your conversion rate.

1. Above the fold is the place

A normal person will read your email for an average of 20-25 seconds at best. That’s all the time you get. As long as the email doesn’t concern their jobs or their personal lives, they are not going to give it much attention. So, it’s up to you to grab their attention in the first 20 seconds and keep them hooked.

Everyone’s email accounts are swamped. A typical person receives nearly a hundred emails each day and most of these emails are completely unimportant to them. So, nobody has the time to read each email from the top to bottom, all they do is skim through it within a few seconds.

This is why you need to keep your CTA (which should be a button) at the top of the email. The CTA goes above the fold, so it’s the first thing they look at. However, it’s completely OK if it’s not the first thing the reader sees, but it needs to be one of the first 3 things they see.

2. Craft a compelling copy

Your email copy is the real deal. It’s what convinces people to make a purchase or take some other action. So, you need to provide a solid value proposition if you want to make people take the desired action. Templatic does this with good effect, their emails are short yet full of information.

It’s quite simple.

You can only convince people by talking about what they want and how they can get it. So make sure that all the CTAs in your email are able to trigger an emotion in the reader.

Some companies use the fear of missing out to get reader’s to take action and click the CTA button while some lure people in with an offer that’s impossible to refuse.

No matter what your CTA is, just make sure that it triggers a positive emotion in your reader and compels them to take action.

Also, keep your copy fresh by using different CTAs throughout the entire email. Don‘t reuse the same CTA allover the same email. Using multiple CTA copies increases your chances of influencing your readers.

3. Limit the number of buttons

It’s a great idea to include buttons in your email as the CTA. But, that plan can also backfire if you plaster the whole email with hundreds of buttons. You need to seriously limit the usage of buttons throughout your email.

Single button CTA is OK, but we recommend that you use just two buttons throughout the entire email. Make sure that both buttons have different CTA copy that caters to different buyer personas.

The more CTA buttons you add to your email, the more confusing it gets for your readers. So, it’s better to limit the number of buttons in the email and keep things clean. Using this tip, you can add one button above the fold while your second button can be at the bottom of the email.

Having a second button at the bottom of the email makes it convenient for the readers to shop. If they scrolled to the bottom and don’t find a CTA button there, they’d have to scroll all the way up to click the first CTA button. Having a button at the end makes it easier for them to click it and shop.

4. Change the CTAs

As we mentioned in the previous tip, both the CTA buttons don’t have to be the same. If both the CTAs are the same in words, color, and everything then you are pretty much targeting one segment of buyers.

Why do that when you can actually target two different segments? or approach the same segment with two different techniques.

You can use the main CTA at the top of the email that stands out while having a simple CTA at the end of the email. Also, you can use both CTAs side-by-side if it’s a short email.

For example, if you are promoting an antivirus in your email that you want people to buy, but you also have other products available on your store as well. Your main CTA can be “Buy the antivirus” while the secondary CTA can be “Browse products”. So, when a reader is not interested in buying the antivirus, they still have the option to click the secondary button and check out what other products do you sell.

Note: Special Thanks to Shyami from Techigem.com for this excellent tip.

5. No buttons? No problem!

Buttons aren’t the only option you can use as a CTA in your email. Many top companies use simple text as the CTA in their emails. All you have to do is write a few lines or a paragraph followed by a text-based CTA that links to your landing page, offer, or store’s website.

You don’t always have to use buttons, you can use different techniques for different emails. Maybe, a button and text-based CTA in the same email as well, it’s all about mixing and matching.

6. Design a killer CTA button

Ok, maybe, you should use more buttons than text-based CTAs.

But, what if the buttons are too boring for the reader?

No worries! You can always jazz the buttons up a little. Get creative with the button design and make it something attractive. Maybe a big red button will make them click, or a giant balloon that says “Don’t Pop”. Anything can work, so try out different buttons to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about trial and error.

7. Use Power words

Yeah, you can use the standard “Click Here” or “Buy now” as your CTA, but that’s not going to convert as well as some power words do. Here are some of the most commonly used power words for CTA:

  • Enter
  • Explore
  • Find
  • Free
  • Get
  • Join
  • More
  • New
  • Now
  • Off
  • Save
  • Show
  • Start
  • Try
  • Upgrade

Add these words at the beginning or end of the CTA copy and see the magic.


Go ahead and create an email using the above-mentioned techniques. Hopefully, you will see a drastic improvement in your email CTR.

Let us know what are your favorite techniques for writing email CTA.

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