The Dos and Don’ts of Email Signature Best Practices

May 08 2017

You painstakingly layout your email campaigns and marketing plans. You carefully select each article and image and place them just so, making sure the reader will be enthralled with it. But are you missing an opportunity to make an impact? The signature of your email is an often underutilized section of email, with big selling possibilities.

Here are some dos and don’ts of email signature best practices to help you make the most of every space on your email.


DO Use 7 Lines or Less

Keeping this limit for length will help ensure that you are giving the reader just enough information, without overwhelming them. It can be tempting to jam pack the signature with every link, email, phone number and graphic you have at your disposal, but that would be a mistake. When you make the reader search for information or overwhelm them, you motivate them to not engage with your content. Doing this with your signature limits your impact with the user.

DON’T Use JUST a Graphic

Graphics are great. They look nice and attract the eye, but using just a graphic or head shot as your signature can be a huge mistake. Giving the customer too little information is not an email signature best practice. Not to mention, if the image fails to load, the potential sales from your signature disappear.

DO Include Links

Even the most basic email signature includes a link to the company website. Email signature best practices, however, would advise you to include links to your website, company social media outlets, newly released articles and even free trials. By directing a user to all of these links, you’re increasing the possibility of clicks to your page and in turn, making the most of an opportunity to direct a user to your content.

DON’T Use Complicated Designs

Organizing links and information in a clean way is even more important in your signature. Since you have a limited space, it’s important to make sure you are using a hierarchy to draw the reader’s eye to the most important information in your signature. If the most important pull for your business is to get people to use the free trial, make that the focus of your signature. If your newest article offers more possibilities, make sure the readers eye is drawn to that section of the signature. By keeping the signature clean, it’s easier to control where a reader looks.

DO Make Sure It Is Mobile Friendly

Email signature best practices, as well as most email best practices, encourages marketers to have everything mobile optimized. Users are more than likely accessing your site on their mobile device which makes it incredibly important to have every aspect of your email quickly uploaded via mobile, especially your signature.

DON’T Break From Company Branding

Fluidity from website to email to storefront is important to create a brand image for your business. This is especially true with your email signature. You email signature goes on every piece of email you send out, so making sure it is an accurate representation of your company is necessary. If your company has a logo, be sure to use it. If it doesn’t, make sure the branding of your signature aligns with the branding of the rest of your business.

You make an impression with each piece of content you send out. That includes your email signature. Without following these email signature best practices, you could be confusing the user and wasting valuable marketing space. Wasted space means wasted opportunity, but luckily by following these simple do’s and don’ts, you can make sure your emails are making the most impact, from title to signature and everything in between.

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