Comparing email verification vendors?

Jul 16 2014

We already know, other email verification vendors may have approached you or you may be looking to test various ones before making a decision on which one to go with. While one of the largest speed bumps prospects bring to our attention is the price, it should be the last thing you consider when looking at vendors.
I have had so many prospects say “Why is your pricing so much more than XYZ company who is giving 1 million verifications for less than $500?” Believe me we know budget is a big deal and we work with our clients to achieve a plan that will suit their needs and fit their wallet. However, what is important to consider is how the verifications are performed. Companies that advertise low pricing are most likely not doing the type of validation you need for successful email delivery.
You know the old saying… “it’s too good to be true”? We have all grown up hearing that one somewhere between one and a thousand times, so take a deeper look at what that company is really offering you. Low pricing is usually an indicator that the company is doing a simple mass suppression list look up, or even worse they might just be doing a syntax check and remedy.
Make sure the vendor you select specializes in real time email verifications at the server, this is going to get you the most accurate results possible. This check is to make sure the username is really registered and active at the domain. For example, if a brand new email address is registered with Gmail just 5 minutes ago, we will be able to tell you it is a valid account. If a user closes an account, we will be able to report to you that it is now inactive. A simple database look up cannot touch the level of accuracy here.
We have also found that there are many fly by night, email verification vendors on the web so make sure you do your due diligence to find out how long they have been in business and build report with the staff to make sure it is someone you would like to do business with. Let’s say you find a vendor who is doing email verifications at the server with pricing more reasonable than the others, our best advice to you is to do a lot of performance testing. If prices seem substantially less than competitors it’s a red flag that the level of accuracy will not be up to par. Real time email verification vendors that produce quality results have higher prices because they have a very powerful and expensive infrastructure, where others without a strong infrastructure can become blacklisted and deliver inconsistent results.
Once you have that portion down find out what else the email vendor can do for you. Just because an email address is registered, it does not always mean you should mail to it. At XVerify we have several additional suppression lists we filter valid email addresses through to eliminate garbage from your list. Our tools check for temporary accounts, high risk accounts, and accounts likely to generate spam complaints. Pushing it through these additional checks will help you improve your email campaign delivery by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints, and avoiding malicious email ids. At the end of the day, quality is really what you need so that you don’t compromise your relationship with your ESP so that you continue to achieve email inbox delivery.

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