Combine Open Data and Automated List Suppression for Better Email ROI

Apr 06 2020

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Every email marketer’s goal is to send their most effective content to contacts actively engaging with their brand. But what happens when you see open rates decline, spam rates increase, or just a general lack of engagement from your audience?


It’s critical for marketers to understand not only who is engaging with their email but also to suppress those who have unsubscribed or are no longer active in the inbox. This is where a combination of open data and suppression list management can make a major difference in your email marketing success.


What is open data?

Open data is, well, data on all email opening activity in a given email inbox. That’s right, it doesn’t just illustrate opens for a single brand or company – it provides general open activity. This means that if you notice a contact isn’t opening your email anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically a bad lead. They might be opening other emails and just not yours! This can be due to email fatigue, a recent purchase, or just general disenchantment with your brand and its messaging. 


By incorporating open data technology into your CRM, you can identify those who are still opening emails and create a highly effective re-engagement campaign for that contact. Maybe it’s a discount code or a special offer based on their last purchase location? Something to re-engage and active email is better than nothing.


How does automated suppression technology make an impact?

Now, let’s say the open data tech shows that there are a few email inboxes that have gone dark: no activity for days, weeks, or even months! What’s the next best move? Obviously, you need to add them to your suppression list. With a single CRM this is simple enough, but when you have multiple platforms manually adding data can be cumbersome and creates opportunity for human error. This puts your brand’s reputation at risk, which is why automating data synchronization is so crucial to a marketing program.


Ensuring platforms communicate can be a real pain, but with an automated suppression list management solution like UnsubCentral that speaks to each database, connecting data appropriately, this becomes much less of an issue. For more information, visit UnsubCentral’s blog on Unsubscribe Management Tips.


Why combine open data and automated suppression technology? 

Combining open data and automated suppression list technology across platforms helps ensure two things:


1. You’re sending emails to active inboxes

2. You’re suppressing truly inactive emails to protect your brands reputation 


And these two components make for great email marketing program results. To start, you have the opportunity to create fantastic re-engagement campaigns that convert previously inactive contacts to engaged customers. This then leads to better open rates, an optimized email marketing list, and better segmentation. At the same time, you’re ensuring you don’t waste time nor effort sending to inactive or disinterested contacts because the automated suppression list technology removes them from your send list. 


Overall, the streamlined communication between departments, CRMs, and contact records thanks to open data and automated suppression list technology help email marketers see a greater ROI from their efforts. It’s no small feat to maintain a successful email marketing program, but sending to a clean list of active emails while your suppression list is consistently updated virtually guarantees better results to bring to your next Marketing meeting.


The first step to getting accurate open data and automated list suppression is ensuring your database contains only real, valid email addresses. Start verifying your database today with our Email Verification service.

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