Clean Email List: How To Validate Your Mailchimp List

Jan 26 2017

Why you need a clean email list …

Validate MailChimp List 

Email lists can get pretty ugly when they have been sitting around. Some clients have come to us to clean their list after the data has been sitting stagnant for 5 years. Our motto is “don’t wait, validate.” Old data is known to be full of high-risk accounts and produce high invalid results. This is why we always recommend that you clean up your data on a quarterly basis, so you can start fresh with a clean email list.

What does our email verification process look for when cleaning up your email lists? We look to make sure the email address is a real registered account. This means that the user name has to be an active mailbox on the domain for it to pass as a valid email account.

Built in fraud protection also allows us to spot malicious email ids in your email lists. We flag accounts for you that are “high risk”. High risk email accounts have been linked to online fraud and chargebacks and that is certainly not ones you want to be mailing to. We also help identify spam complainers. Our goal is to help you reduce the number of spam complaints that you get so that you can improve your inbox deliverability.

We have MANY clients who use Mailchimp so in today’s post. I’m going to walk you through the process on getting a clean email list and making sure you only import valid data back into Mailchimp.

1. First log into your MailChimp platform and then click on “Lists”

2.MailChimp Lists

Click on the NAME of the list and then click on the “Export List” button.


3. After your list is done exporting open your file in Excel and change the column heading of “Email Address” to just “Email” and save the file as a CSV.

Email List In Excel

4. Now you are ready to upload your file into XVerify. Log in to your XVerify dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click on the orange upload button. Locate the CSV file you just saved, type in a file name and click ‘submit’.

Clean Email Lists

5. When your file is DONE processing you will get an email notification that your results are ready to download. Once you download your results open the file back up in excel to review the results. You will notice we added a few extra columns of data to your file.


6. Make sure you pay attention to the STATUS column. Click the letter of the column and hit filter. This will now give you a DROP down icon next to the column you selected.


7. From here deselect the check mark next to ‘valid’ and hit ‘ok’. This is going to bring up all of the records which are invalid and unknown. You want to remove those from your list so next highlight all of those records and delete them. Now it should appear as if there is no data.


8. The next step is to click on the filter icon and this will turn the filtering off. Now your list of data should only contain a status of ‘valid’. Once you got this far, save your list and again make sure you save it as a CSV.


9. Go back to your MailChimp account. Click on ‘Lists’ then click on “Create List”. After clicking on this go through the list creation process.

clean email list

10. Next you will need to import your subscribers. Since you already have a file saved in the CSV format, it is best to import the entire CSV file. Then click “next”.


11. On this screen you simply select the file that you have already cleaned and BAM it will import all of the VALID data into your Mailchimp account.

Just make sure the next time you go to send off your email campaigns you send from the new clean email list. Also, don’t forget to repeat this process quarterly so that you can stay on top of removing aged data. So go ahead and setup a calendar reminder to clean up your database every three months.

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