Best Email Verification Service of The Year

Nov 26 2018

best email verification service

2018 has created an increase in demand for better quality data. More marketers are feeling the burn from outdated contact information. Email marketing has become more difficult with because of increased sensitivity in spam filters. Plus, after the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes that went into effect earlier this year, businesses have taken additional steps toward improving data quality.

Companies are now more likely to spend an extra cent on each email address they collect. Ensuring the information collected is valid. Valid data is more valuable as it’s deliverable and more likely to generate opens and clicks when you send off a campaign. So, with a variety of tools and solutions in the marketplace, how does one find the best email verification service?

Google it!

When you type into Google “Best Email Verification Service” you will see the top results on page one. These results will list other pages that recommend the best email verification services. As you go through these lists, you will find that Xverify is listed in all the results.

The best email verification service delivers accuracy.

This is really what sets Xverify apart from other verification vendors. We are not merely looking up data against a known bounce list. We are doing verifications at the server level. Each verification we perform is a unique look up. Some validation providers store data for months. However, that creates less accurate results. We also now offer an advanced hygiene filter helping you to flush out more risk related email addresses.

Keeping it simple.

Marketers want a platform that is simple and reliable. The best email verification service allows for a self-serve solution. Giving customers access to uploading and downloading files 24 hours a day at their convenience. Having fast turn around times and easy to interpret results.
Xverify has a really easy to understand output file. When you upload a file, the results will contain a status column with the disposition of valid, invalid, or unknown. Super simple to understand which ones to mail to and which ones to avoid!

The best email verification service has connections.

When selecting which vendor you want to work with, look for ones that have partners. Ones that integrate with other email providers making it easy to clean and update lists of data you already have. Email verification vendors that have integrations with form builders so that it is easy to validate at the point of entry.

Xverify has integrations with the following services:
• MailChimp
• Emma
• Mailgun
• Marketo
• Sparkpost
• iContact
• Active Campaign
• Campaign Monitor
• Get Response
• AWeber
• EMercury
• SendGrid
• Jotform
• Formstack

How to find a reputable email verification service.

Take note that all email verification services are not equal. What you want to look for is a transparent service that delivers. Many companies do email verification online, but you want to make sure they are legit. See if they have a contact us page with a phone number. Call them to make sure you can speak with a real rep.

When it comes to verifying your data with Xverify, we are a US-based business that is GDPR compliant. You can call and discuss your needs with an in-house representative. Our headquarters are in the Chicagoland area, and you will have a dedicated product specialist to handle your account.

Now, that you have a better understanding of what to look for we hope we’ve helped you decide to use the best email verification service. We would love for you to start the account setup process, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us 1-866-903-9164 we are available Monday – Friday from 8 am EST to 6 pm EST.


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