5 Tips to Avoid The Spam Filter

Oct 22 2015

Hitting the spam folder is not successful email marketing. You want to reach your user, and you are only going to do so by getting your message to the inbox. While, I am not going to teach you today the ins and outs of inbox delivery but here are a few top tips that you can use to avoid the spam filter.

1. Warmed up IPs – Starting small and slowly increasing your sending volume is very important. You cannot just grab a new mailing IP and start pushing out several hundred thousand emails. Steadily send out emails, but gradually increase your send size over weeks, not overnight.

2. Do not send attachments – When you are sending out mass emails never put attachments in the email. If you need to send someone to a download area, put in a link to direct them to a page where they can choose to download it themselves.

3. Activate Blacklist Monitoring – XVerify provides an option for free IP monitoring. This will check your emailing IP addresses every day automatically to determine if you are on a blacklist. The free ip monitoring tools will send you an email with more details about the blacklist and how to get removed.

4. Purge old email addresses – You should regularly clean and hygiene your subscriber list. Eliminate email addresses that are dormant and no longer being utilized.

5. CAPS – When creating a good subject line, do not put anything in all CAPS. It’s an instant re-flag for spam filters. Instead, craft more creative subject lines that will capture the users interest.

Whether you are an email veteran or a beginner, consistent inbox delivery is always a challenge. We wish you the best when it comes to gaining inbox delivery success

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