5 Challenges Solved with Email Verification

Nov 12 2019

5 common email challenges solved with verification

Email marketing has its hurdles, just like anything else in the business world. From high bounce rates to spam reports and low deliverability, sometimes it feels like getting your message in front of the right people in the right place at the right time is like scaling Everest. That said, Email Verification services can help solve 5 common challenges in email marketing.


Have you run into any of these challenges? Here are a few solutions!


High Bounce Rate

Your influx of new contact records is awesome, but do you know for certain how many of those email addresses are fake, invalid, or just flat out toxic? We’ve all experienced high bounce rates before, but it doesn’t have to continue to be that way.


How email verification helps: Email verification services catch and correct email address errors by checking spelling and syntax. For example, some tactics include making sure there is only one @ symbol or that a prospect’s email address is spelled correctly. Fixing these slight errors can have major positive impacts and reduce your bounce rate.


High Spam Complaint Rate

Listen, no one likes receiving emails they don’t remember signing up for  or didn’t sign up for in the first place. And the most miffed customers will go so far as to call the ESP and file a report. Yikes.


How email verification helps:  Email verification services help eliminate those squeaky wheels who aren’t interested in your marketing materials, and in the end you no longer have to send them any messaging. It’s a win-win!


Toxic Data

It’s all-too-common that people will set up spam traps for the sole purpose of reporting emails as spam. In fact, these accounts “supposedly” never actively subscribe, or they were once active accounts that have been abandoned by their owners, so the assumption is made the emails received are just spam. It’s possible for spam traps to find their way into your database, but if you leave them there and keep mailing, your sender domain and reputation can be blacklisted or investigated by ESPs.


How email verification helps: Email verification services monitor millions of contacts to predict the likelihood of a hard bounce. From here, you’re able to isolate these addresses in real time and remove them before the reporting spree begins.


Email verification is great both as a preventative measure and a reactive measure. By reactive, we mean that if you happen to purchase lists from third party providers, which are more likely to contain toxic data or increase your spam score due to their lack of opting into your communications, email verification can help weed out the most toxic emails.


Reputation Management

Your sender reputation is everything in email marketing. It impacts your deliverability, inbox placement, and more. Whether you end up in the spam folder or at the top of the inbox heavily depends on your sender reputation in the eyes of the ESPs.


How email verification helps:  Reduce your bounce rates, toxic data hits and complaints with email verification. How? Well, running email verification essentially better enables you to follow the rules. Common criteria to be aware of include the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Preference Service, a list of people who have opted out of unsolicited commercial emails, and the federal CAN-SPAM legislation, which restricts unwanted emails to wireless devices. Email verification removes invalid and toxic emails to keep your list clean as a whistle.


Bills, Bills, Bills

Time, sweat, and tears are at the core of email marketing campaigns, not to mention your budget (that’s usually where the sweat and tears come in). The costs of enacting awesome email campaigns can be high, especially if design work and ESP fees are involved. Sending emails to a database filled with invalid or risky addresses is more likely to result in lackluster, or even failed, email marketing campaigns than when sending to a list you’re sure has qualified, real emails.


How email verification helps: Boost your ROI when you send to valid, real email addresses. Your low bounce rates and improved engagement will be great talking points for your next marketing meeting.


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