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happy birthday email

A Simple Happy Birthday Email Boosts Open Rates

Birthdays are that fabulous love/hate time of year where you can’t stand getting a year older, but you love having cake and getting special attention. Even, if that special attention is simply getting a happy birthday email containing a mouth-watering visual cupcake and a coupon. Email Facts: According to a study performed by Experian … Birthday emails return 481% higher transaction rates when compared to standard promotions. A happy birthday email is known to generate …

February 20, 2018
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How to Lower Your Email Unsubscribe Rate

When was the last time you kept an eye on your email unsubscribe rate? It’s important to monitor this statistic in addition to your open rates and click-throughs because it’s like early warning signs for a deadly disease. The higher your unsubscribe rate gets means less engagement from your list. Unsubscribes can damage your reputation because it sends a signal to the email providers that their users do not like your content. Once they start …

February 02, 2018
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