10 Reasons Why Your Marketing Is Not Working

Jun 10 2019

Marketing is not working

Every business, no matter how big or small needs a good marketing strategy to promote the brand and popularize products or services. Marketing is one of the pillars of modern business and you need it just like you need reliable customer service or a sales team.

But it doesn’t mean that every business is able to reach the targeted goals. As a matter of fact, a study shows that only 22% of organizations are satisfied with their conversion rates. If your company is facing the same sort of problem, you should stop and think about the reasons for underperformance.

Many things can go wrong here, but some issues tend to occur more frequently than others, so keep reading to learn 10 reasons why your marketing strategy is not working.

  • You Don’t Target the Right Audience

A lot of marketing problems come from the simple fact that businesses fail to target the right audience. Instead of focusing on highly specific customer groups, they try to grab the attention of every consumer regardless of his/her personal preferences. If you want to solve this issue, make sure to analyze the audience and clearly define a buyer persona. You have to know their demographic traits such as age, location, and gender and create content that perfectly suits a typical consumer.

  • You Don’t Pay Attention to Copywriting

Content creation is critical to success in marketing, so you cannot afford to write poor copies. There are two ways out of this trap:

  • Invest enough time in content creation, write outstanding articles, and prove to be a genuine industry thought leader.

  • If you don’t have enough time, you should hire the best online essay writing service to get the job done for you. That way, the quality of copywriting is guaranteed.

  • You Don’t Promote Content

Creating high-quality posts is one thing, but promoting it across all communication channels is a totally different task. Businesses and individuals publish thousands of articles every minute, so you don’t want to sit and wait for users to discover your website by accident. Instead, you must use every communication platform to spread the news about your latest posts. This includes email marketing, push notifications, influencer campaigns, and social media networks.

  • You Go for All Social Platforms

Speaking of social media, this is another very common marketing mistake. While it is true that you can quickly create a business account on every platform available online, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it. After all, why would you bother creating Pinterest posts if your audience is not using this network? A much better solution is to concentrate on channels that guarantee the highest visibility. For instance, a B2B organization should definitely go for LinkedIn and probably even Twitter and Facebook.

  • You Don’t Use Automation Tools

Successful marketers know they can’t handle everything manually. Creating and administering campaigns requires hard work, but you still won’t be able to make it all without automation tools. Luckily enough, the Internet is packed with valuable apps and plugins that can ensure efficient realization. Some of the best digital marketing platforms include:

  • You Don’t Invest in Advertising

It would be perfect to drive website traffic and generate leads only organically, but not a single marketer out there is able to achieve this goal. If your marketing strategy is not working, perhaps you should invest some money in advertising to increase the discoverability of the content. It’s an amazing feature that enables you to target highly specific audience groups, so don’t run away from Google or Facebook advertising.

  • You Fail to Test Different Options

Building a unique style is very important, but it shouldn’t stop you from experimenting and testing different possibilities. Productive marketing teams always test their key concepts and content elements in order to learn what their customers love the most. For instance, you can conduct A/B tests to analyze alternative calls to action, images, headlines, color schemes, and many more features.

  • You Expect Instant Results

Although digital marketing grants you immediate exposure, it is by no means almighty. Some businesses are impatient and they expect instant results, which is a wrong way to approach your strategy. Here’s an example – you can hire a professional writing service and publish a standout article on your website, but you cannot expect it to rank highly straight away.

A study reveals that the average top 10 result in Google searches needs two to six months to earn such a high ranking. It’s just the way things work online – it takes some time before your strategy starts delivering the expected results.

  • You Lack Consistency

No matter how good or well-planned your marketing activities may be, it won’t make a big impact on the audience in case of inconsistency. Users publish millions of articles and social posts every hour and the only way to stand out is to keep pace with competitors.

  • You Don’t Measure Results

Perhaps your marketing strategy is functioning properly, but how can you know it if you don’t measure the results of your actions? You must always keep in mind the targeted objectives of your campaigns and follow the corresponding metrics. This allows you to monitor campaigns in real-time and to react as soon as you notice a possible pain point. In other words, your marketing strategy will be better and more effective.


Digital marketing is a powerful business driver, but only if you have the capacity to create and implement a solid strategy. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong in this process, so it is always better to understand and prevent possible issues. In this article, we discussed 10 reasons why your marketing strategy could be failing. Remember our suggestions and test each one – they can help you to improve and make the business much more productive.

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Lauren Adley is a lab report writer and editor at college-paper.org reviews and uk best essays review. She is dedicated to her family, work and friends. She is keen on reading, playing the guitar and traveling. She is interested in educational, marketing and blogging issues. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.


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