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Why Your Business Needs Two Step Verification

Verify Visitors, Reduce Fraud, Improve Experience

Two Step Verification for Business

We are all aware of the advancements technology has taken in the last decade. The ingenuity we’ve seen across the board has also caused an increase in advancements in malicious software. These harmful bots can infiltrate accounts from users and businesses alike to compromise data, information and finances. The days where a simple password is effective are long gone, which is why two-step verification is so important, and has benefits across the board for businesses.
2FA Phone Confirm PIN

What is two-step authentication?

With single step verification, a user will simply enter in their password and gain access to their page. But when you add an extra step, i.e. two step verification, you make them validate their identification through a different medium. That could mean they receive a code via text message, a phone call to confirm who they are or answering additional security questions. By adding this extra layer of protection, you are ensuring the data you are getting is accurate and you aren’t wasting precious money and time going after a lead that doesn’t exist. You’re also telling the customer that you care about the security of their data, building trust between you and the user.

Protect your company from fraud.

By implementing an additional verification step, you reduce the ability for bots to start accounts on your site. When you use email verification and put in place a two-step verification process, you are making it immensely more difficult for bots or fake accounts to be made within your system, ensuring that you have the most accurate information to proceed with.

You can also protect yourself against fraudulent activity. When a bot or suspicious person gains access to an account, they can start turmoil on your site in any number of ways. Common actions made by malicious users are spam comments, harassing other users across your site or making fraudulent charges with users account. All of these actions can hurt your site’s reputation, engagement ranks and damage your relationship with your users.


Build confidence with your customer

The importance of accurate information for a business is immeasurable. Having clean data and accurate contact points for customers is key to a businesses’ success. But rarely do we look at consumer’s priorities when it comes to data verification and the security measures put in place to protect their information. A study of over 2,000 consumers proved that the everyday consumer is more concerned about information security than companies give them credit for.

The survey reveals that 80% of consumers would be more willing to make a purchase from companies that take extra measures to protect their information. Another telling data point from this study? Only 37% of consumers feel that the companies they’re making purchases from sufficiently protect their information. These statistics show a hole in the space that needs filling, and we have the solution.

When consumers see the extra steps you’re taking to protect their information, they’re more likely to believe it. Luckily there is a system that can work to benefit both you and the customer, two step verification. This additional step not only increases the likelihood that the person you’re getting information from is in fact who they say they are, but it allows the customer to feel more confident handing over information to you.

What businesses can this work for?

This type of verification can be used across many different business platforms, but it works particularly well for digital marketers, businesses with call centers and online retailers. For digital marketers, this type of extra security can be used to prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts. When a user creates a new account, ensure that they are real by making them submit an active phone number to receive a confirmation text from. This extra step helps deter bots and other malicious software from corrupting your data and harming your business.

Another business that can benefit from this function is call centers. This might not seem like a logical fit, but when you take a deeper look, this security measure benefits call centers more than you would think. By using two-step verification when a new user is signing up, you automatically get an active and accurate phone number related to the user/business. This is what some in the business would call a “hot lead”. Push that number forward to your call center and drastically increase the possibility to transform the phone number into a sale.

The final, and probably most obvious, type of business this can benefit is online retailers. This is where consumers are looking for the most protection around their information, because they frequently connect their credit card information to their accounts. The extra layer of protection will make customers feel safe submitting their credit card information, potentially landing you a sale you might not have gotten beforehand. From the business side of things, this simply adds a layer of protection for yourself to ensure that you aren’t processing orders from a false account or a stolen credit card.

Using two-step verification benefits your business across the board. Building a sense of confidence in your customer and ensuring the accuracy of your data will not only allow you to build a better marketing strategy, but it will help you better serve your customer, which is what business is all about. When you use XVerify’s two-step identification process, you are authenticating the user experience while ensuring the information you’re getting is giving your business the best chance at success.

We want to help you work smarter, not harder and this simple step is the easiest way to ensure that your marketing strategy is being used in the most efficient way possible. Whether you choose to implement this security measure when a user creates an account, when they sign in, as they make a purchase or all of the above, XVerify is here to help make sure these measures seamlessly align with your site and data needs.

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