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Phone Confirm: 2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA is a way to add an additional layer of security to your website with our phone confirm solution. This method of authentication works off of something you know, plus something you have. Prevent unauthorized access by securely authenticating the user with a second factor that is connected to the device.
2FA Phone Confirm PIN

Two Factor Authentication: SMS / Voice

2FA is a two step verification process to add a layer of security to your site. During this verification, you can send out an SMS with a verification code, or an automated message. By enabling two factor authentication, our phone confirm solutions will help you prevent unauthorized access, validate users and eliminate risky registrations.
Marketers can now use dual authentication to Guarantee Accuracy of leads collected. This will significantly help lead generators prioritize which leads to follow up with first. Confirm devices are in the user's possession and get device details to identify risky registration.
How It Works:
User sign up
Select Phone Call or SMS
Receive the PIN

Collect Legitimate Leads

The rate of fraud, bots, spam, and hacking continues to grow. You need another way to make sure the leads you collect are legitimate. To be able to trust that users are who they say they are, we verify their identity with an easy-to-use two-factor authentication solution, while giving you the ability to enforce stronger user access policies.

Protect Your Login Portal

Website users want to be able to enable an additional layer of protection during the login process. Dual authentication with phone confirm can allow your website users to receive a unique pin number during the sign in process. This way you can minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions inside of your website.

SMS OR VOICE - Your choice or the users

When you implement phone verification onto your website you can configure it to do only automated calls providing the PIN numbers or text messages. But, the most popular option is giving the choice to the user by allowing them to select which method they want to receive their PIN number on.

Customization of Voice Greeting

Clients choose our phone confirm tools over other dual authentication solutions because of our level of customization. We allow our clients to upload their own custom voice greeting so that they can brand the automated calls. This way it sounds less like a robot and more like a personal and professional greeting.

Customization of SMS

We give you the control to modify the message of the text that goes out containing the pin number. This give you the option to have the outgoing text contain the name of your brand and build more trust with the recipient, rather than looking like the text is coming from a third party application.

Our pricing is simply pay as you go, no minimum requirement, or long term commitment. If you don’t use the services we don’t charge you. Our pricing starts at $0.05 per each verification. If you have bigger data we can offer you volume discounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does phone confirm protect against fraud?
  • Dual authentication acts as a layer of security to prevent fraud. If a bot gets on your page and attempts to try to make fake registrations or logins, phone confirm can prevent access from moving forward. If the end user or bot is not able to confirm the phone number they provided, then you know the lead is fictitious and you can block the activity from being able to continue.
  • What kind of phone numbers does dual authentication work with?
  • Currently the phone confirm tool can only send calls and text messages to phone numbers within the US.
  • How long until the call/text is sent?
  • With our phone confirm tools, the call or text message is sent immediately by default. However, in your account settings you can configure the call or SMS to go out after a delay. You can also configure the calls to redial, if the user does not pick up on the first call.

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