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IP BlackList Monitor

It is important for you to be aware the moment you become blacklisted. A typical blacklisting usually will last between 3-7 days; however, some are known to last up to 15 days. Many blacklists give you an opportunity to request for delisting rather than waiting X number of days for the auto-delisting process. When you have automatic monitoring in place for your mailing IPs you can get an instant email notification of which IP address is having problems and this way you can pause your email campaigns going out from that specific IP address to avoid a delivery failure.

Once you are aware of which IP address is a problem for you, you can then request for delisting. Keep in mind, that if you do not remedy the situation which caused you to become blacklisted in the first place you will continue to become blacklisted. If you request too many de-listings from the same IP address, it is possible for you to become permanently listed and they will deny your request forany more de-listings.

Why you need free IP monitoring?

IP monitoring involves the use of a system to monitor the issues in a network resulting from overloads, network connection problems, crushed servers and other devices. In order to determine how your webserver is doing, the IP monitoring tool will send a HTTP request to get your page. The goal of the free IP monitoring is to measure certain metrics such as availability, response time as well as uptime. Recent software are also checking on reliability and consistency of the webserver. With the free IP monitoring from X verify, it is possible to determine where your IP address has been delisted. When blacklisted, you will have an opportunity to ask for delisting instead of waiting until you become delisted. With a system that does the IP monitoring automatically, you will be able to get notified instantly of the IP address that has issues and this gives you the opportunity to stop your current email campaigns.

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