XVerify is now Integrated with JotForm

Aug 17 2015

JotForm is a powerful tool to create your very own web forms with ease and simplicity. XVerify has recently teamed up with JotForm so that you can easily use their tools and turn on email verification effortlessly without having to involve anyone from your tech department.

As you are collecting data via your JotForm, after enabling the XVerify Email widget, validation will start to occur automatically. Look at the image on the left, if your end user inputs a poor email address they will find an error notification. This indicates that the email address is not valid, and gives the user an opportunity to make the correction.

When you inform the user that they have made a mistake 9 times out of 10 they will correct it. This is how you know you are acquiring a quality user and not just typos. Once you have email verification activated, you are going to see a significant decrease in hard-bounces, and spam complaints. This is going to bring a serious boost to your email marketing campaigns.

Ready to get started? First you will need both an account with JotForm and an account with XVerify. Check out the blog over at JotForm to learn how to enter your XVerify API key into your JotForm widget to get the email verifications up and running today

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