XVerify at Inbox Summit East!

Sep 11 2017

Email marketers from around the US will come together September 29th, to talk all things email marketing, and XVerify will be right in the middle of the action.

Inbox Summit East

Inbox Summit East happens once a year in Washington DC. The one day event gathers top email marketers under one roof to talk shop. Panels take place from 9am to 5pm. The experts discuss everything from automation to email trends to list building. Attendees gain invaluable knowledge from the best of the best, and they get the chance to mingle and network with other representatives in the industry.

This year, XVerify’s very own Matthew Wolosz, Vice President of Sales, has been invited to share his knowledge with his fellow emailers. Matthew will be on the List Hygiene panel in the Vista Room at 3pm. The panel will discuss the benefits of list hygiene, and how you can use it increase email performance.

With almost a decade of experience in performance marketing, Matthew has a track record of exceeding expectations. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and individual affiliates. Regardless of the company size, Matthew uses his experience in display advertising and search engine marketing to help businesses excel. On this panel, he will explain how list hygiene helps in these endeavors.

List Hygiene

List hygiene is the process of maintaining an up to date email list. It also refers to the maintenance of accurate, safe emails. List hygiene is an integral part of running an effective, safe email campaign. Maintaining makes sure your emails make it into the user’s inbox, and not in their spam folder. Naturally, the more your emails make it into the inbox, the more they can perform.

Matthew and the other panelist will dig into the importance of list hygiene for an effective email campaigns. Learn how to drive performance and sales by attending this panel. If you want to meet with Matthew individually to talk about the benefits of using an email validation service like XVerify, reach out to him atĀ matt@xverifyllc.com.

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