How To Write Awesome Email Copy That Converts

Sep 25 2018

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Guest post by: Freddie Tubbs

Copywriting is there to persuade people to act upon our call-to-action. Your emails are full of, what you believe is a very persuasive email copy. However, you are not noticing any improvements in your conversion rates. It seems as if you are not even sending the emails at all.

This means that your email copy isn’t good enough. To make it better, take a look at these tips:

Simplicity is the key

Cluttering your email copy is a mistake. Your message should be concise, brief and simple – no jargon, flowery prose or technical words. 

The sentences should be easy to understand and read – every word needs to serve a purpose. 

Each email should have a single focus – for instance, if your goal is to sell your book, don’t try to get your recipients to buy your merchandise, buy another book or anything else. Focus on a single point and work towards the recipient’s action. 

Focus on the audience

Do the thorough research of your target market to figure out the best way to approach them. Some target audiences prefer a casual tone of voice while some like formal better. 

Make it consistent with your brand and appealing to your audience. 

What’s in it for me? 

In truth, your recipient doesn’t care about the features of your product – its specifications are meaningless unless they have a use in real life. More importantly, their life. 

So instead of boring your users with features, talk about how those features improve and affect their lives. You need to find the specific issue that these users have and show them how, with your product or service, they could solve it. 

Use email copywriting and editing tools

Every email needs to be edited and rewritten several times before it can be sent. This way you avoid making grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, mistakes in style or sentence structure and so on. Because this part of the job can be tedious, copywriters often recommend using the following tools:

  • and – Creating great email copy is a science and an art. You need good copywriting and these sites provide the best tips and guides. 

  • Ukwritings – Editing solves a lot of issues in an email but it does take a while to do it. Use this tool to fix any issues. 

  • Mywritingway and Boomessays – Subject lines that truly grab attention are hard to create but you can do so easily with these tools. 

  • Essayroo and Academ advisor – it’s always a good idea to run your email through a grammar checker once you are done writing. Here are two that catch even the smallest mistakes. 

  • Bigassignments – This tool was mentioned at Australianreviewer as one of the best online writing and proofreading tools that you can use in your email marketing campaigns. 

  • Writingpopulist and Revieweal – As mentioned, good formatting is essential if you want your readers to read through your email. Use these two formatting tools. 

Nail the subject line

Subject lines are one of the first things your readers see when they receive your emails. You need to make it attractive and inviting. However, don’t resort to tricks to get your readers to open your emails – stick to legal, inviting and relevant subject lines. 

Make the email skimmable

“People nowadays aren’t interested in reading a block of text. They want to see empty space, short paragraphs, bullet point lists and so on. Make sure to create a visually appealing email that’s easy to skim through”, – says Fiona Ferry, an email marketer from Eliteassignmenthelp 

Target and personalize

Segment your email list into specific groups based on a characteristic. After that, you can create personalized, targeted messages that appeal directly to that segment of your audience. 

Personalization involves addressing the reader by name and adapting the content of the email to fit their own needs and voice. 

Don’t forget the CTA

The entire purpose of an email is to get the user to take some kind of action. If your email copy is good enough, by the end of the email your recipient will be willing to do so but you need to include a CTA. 

This is a single, powerful statement that can help you achieve your goals. It should contain a link leading to a landing page – but make sure that the link is accurate otherwise you could be losing on a lot of sales. 

Implement psychology 

Another great way to entice the users to act upon your CTA is to use some psychology. 

Create a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out – this combined with a discount or a one time offer will make the recipients react quickly. 

Use social proof to inspire trust. Use bold colors to emphasize certain parts. 


Writing good email copy can seem intimidating but once you get into it, you realize that the success of it lies in how much you focus on your customers. Follow these quick and simple tips to get an instant boost. 

Freddie Tubbs is an email marketing strategist at Academized. He also works as a part-time content writer at Paperfellows, and contributes his posts and case studies to the Vault and Australian help blogs.

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