What’s Next?…Premium Data!

Nov 08 2012

With the need for data verification on the rise, we have been hearing an increased demand for data append. We are looking to launch a great solution to being able to provide crucial customer data called XVerify Premium Data which will return information such as marital status, occupation, household income, and much more.

Businesses constantly want to learn more about their users/clients to enhance targeted marketing or for analytical purposes, but it is also important to wisely select who will be doing your data appending. At XVerify our goal is to provide you with accurate results because we understand that even a minor mistake can result in a big impact.

XVerify will be a one stop shop for your data validating, and appending needs. It will be simple for you to upload a list of email addresses select the areas of interest that you want to append back, and we will email you when your file is complete and ready to download. We will also be launching it for our API so as you are validating your information we will also append back to you, your unique areas of interest.
The great thing is that it will be flexible. You don’t have to use the same data set the match up every time. Each time you upload a new file you can configure your batch settings to look up against a different set of records. Same goes with the API…if your company runs multiple domains you will be able to customize which data lookups you want to do for that particular domain.
This new service is expected to launch prior to 2013, if you have any questions or would like to acquire more details please reach out to sales@xverify.com.

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