8 Tips to Utilize Your Newsletter for User Engagement

Apr 04 2017

Newsletters for User Engagement

When you think of a newsletter, words like “boring” and “flat” might come to mind, but if used effectively, a newsletter can be an exciting and diverse piece of marketing to increase user engagement and reach your consumers on a personal level. A study done by Forrester’s indicates that one in five US consumers read every email in their inbox before deleting them. In the world of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so much more, it’s hard to believe that people are looking for even more content, but thanks to the beauty of smartphones, getting information and interacting with businesses is easier than ever, and users are eager to engage. A modern day newsletter can help you improve your user engagement, and expand your network with social shares (for more social media tips, go here). But with all of these possibilities at your fingertips, how do you make sure that your newsletter is a smashing success instead of a trash bin blunder? With these simple tips, your marketing solution could be waiting in your customer’s’ inbox.

The Tips  For User Engagement

Tip 1: Balance out information and sales pitches
Though coupons and sales are great, the key to a successful newsletter is including much more than just sales information. Consumers are interested in the community your business creates or the information they can gain from reading through this newsletter. Including articles and information that is relevant to your brand’s industry can help the user feel more involved, keeping them clicking and improve your user engagement. This doesn’t mean you should exclude all sale information, but try and keep the content at a healthy balance of 10% sales related content and 90% information and fresh copy.

Tip 2: Include a variety of content
Did you find a great infographic this week? Stumble upon a Youtube video you think your users will love? What about a meme that was so relevant it made you literally laugh out loud? Great! I’m sure your customers would love to be in on the joke. Including different mediums in your newsletter can help keep your newsletter looking new and exciting. By providing some great images, videos or even links to blogs from other sites you help position yourself as an authority in the space that the consumer can count on for entertainment and information, not just a sales pitch for your own product.

Tip 3: Let the user in on a secret
If you have siblings, I’m sure you can still hear the taunts of “I know something you don’t know”. Though we might be grown ups now, the feeling of being the first to know something still gives people a power rush. Newsletters are a great chance to give your loyal followers a chance to have a leg up on everyone else, all the while giving a boost to your user engagement. Whether that’s a sneak peak at a new product or a heads up for a huge upcoming sale, users react well to a chance to get ahead of the common shopper. An added bonus? People are awful at keeping secrets. Chances are they won’t be able to keep this great news to themselves. Telling their friends and colleagues about the cool new piece of tech they just learned about or the sale they can’t wait to shop gets your company’s name out there, and from a trusted friend or colleague no less!

Tip 4: Ask the customer’s opinion
Surveys, polls, questionnaires, all are great ways to engage with the consumer in a productive way. Not only are you making the customer feel heard and valued, you’re increasing clicks on your email, positively affecting your user engagement. What’s the famous saying? Killing two birds with one email?

Tip 5: Give the consumer a peek behind the curtain
This is especially important for B2B companies. When you’re reaching out to other businesses, there is a draw to be overly professional and sometimes even cold, but it’s important to remember that the person who’s reading it is just that, a person. People like to feel included and like they’re engaging with another human. What better way to do that than to introduce them to the members of your team? Show them the brains behind the operation and make the company feel more human with employee spotlights or by doing a feature on what the company does when it’s not putting its’ nose to the grindstone.

Tip 6: Include links to share to social media
When people see something they like, they want to tell the world about it. Make it easier for people to share the great articles, videos and deals found in your email to their friends and family by including share links throughout the article. Not only is this going to increase the clicks on your page, but it will also help share the word about your company in an authentic way.

Tip 7: Don’t overwhelm the user
With all the potential information you could include in the newsletter, it’s tempting to jam pack it with content. But you don’t want to pack so much stuff into one email that it becomes a jumbled mess. The best way to do this is to plan plan plan. Figure out what the theme of each newsletter will be and base your content off of that. Don’t feel pressured to include everything you found that week in the newsletter if it doesn’t make sense with your plan. Having a simple layout with high-quality content will get you much farther with a user than a packed page overflowing with videos, Instagram posts, recipes and articles about self-help. Simplicity is best.

Tip 8: Stay Consistent
People are creatures of habit, and the goal is to make your newsletter a part of their week. That means that sticking to a schedule is going to be key to your success. It’s impossible for a consumer to look forward to your Monday newsletter if it comes on a Monday one week, a Wednesday the following week and then not at all the week after that. A newsletter is an easy way to connect with your users on a personal level, but to do that they have to trust both the information you’re giving and the timeliness you’re giving it. Keeping on a schedule will help make sure you’re there when they expect you to be.

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