Stop Wasting Your Money on Multiple ESPs

Jul 30 2018
Guest Post by VoloMP

Multiple ESPs

Majority of publishers are trying to use ESPs these days, with varying success. It’s not easy because the slightest uptick in complaints, unsubs or even bounces gets you in hot water. To prevent trouble, you would stick to your most recent signups, and most active openers and clickers, leaving heaps of data by the wayside.

Purging and salvaging your data

You will want to skim through your database every few months and purge users who have not been engaging. Additionally, you should also scrub your data with a tool like Xverify to remove accounts that no longer exist. This is going to make you look better based on statistics. Sending only to an engaged list will get you higher open rates.

Yet, it is hard for digital marketers to downsize their list. They feel like some of those users have a lot of potential to be a buyer once again. On average after purging and data cleansing your list your list size will likely drop by 20% or more. So, what does the typical marketer do with their inactive list?

They try to salvage it by running that data on a secondary account. Perhaps, they run it through a different email platform altogether. So, before you know it, you’re now juggling 15 accounts on 4-5 ESPs, playing whack-a-mole (they keep bringing the hammer down, you keep opening new accounts). That really grinds one’s gears, and you end up investing a lot of money.

Lowering your costs

Over at a majority of our clients maintain immaculate data, so clean and fresh they could be easily using any ESP out there with zero trouble. So then, why do they bother handling IPs and domains? Because of the cost! Jumping from ESP to ESP is expensive, and many providers charge you based on the number of subscribers you have on your list.

Using your own software and servers, allows you to scale back the costs. The monthly lease is fixed, you send and send and send – and the cost per 1 MM emails delivered just keeps going down. The more you deliver – the cheaper it gets all the way to near zero.

You have control

Second, if there some transient trouble with the IPs – nobody is pulling the plug on you. Mailers using traditional ESPs easily get kicked off when they make a mistake. Forcing them to find another platform. With VoloMP, whether you are using bulk IP ranges, a host of VPS IPs, some SMTP relays – there’s much more leeway, much more time for you to right the ship and carry on, potentially replacing or resting affected IPs.

Third, with a standalone full-stack platform you are your own boss. It’s now your server, your reputation, your IPs, your domains, your data – and you run offers of your choosing. Adult, whatever – you’re the boss.

Get control of your data and improve your deliverability. If you would like to claim a free trial of the VoloMP software please contact


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