How to Spy on your Competitors Emails

Jun 06 2018

Spy On Competitors

As you’ve heard before, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I don’t know about you, but this topic is already making me feel like a ninja. Don’t worry there is nothing unhealthy about keeping a close watch on your competition. It’s something successful businesses have done for years to stay ahead of the curve. Are you ready to spy on your competitors?

 Benefits of monitoring your competition’s emails.

  1. Learning from their mistakes. One of the most important takeaways is finding their failures. Have you ever received an email from a business with a broken link? It’s super frustrating! It can also be embarrassing when these kinds of mistakes occur. Find the flaws in someone else’s email marketing campaign so that you can make sure your own don’t face the same issues.

  2. Learning from their success. What’s new that they are doing? What could you implement? Is the competitor’s email blast more entertaining? Think outside the box how you can apply concepts of what worked for them to your own business. You can pull ideas from companies that are not even directly related.

    Perhaps you have a goal of increasing your email click-through rate. You may not know the stats of your competitor, but you should have a good idea of who is doing a significant amount more business than you. Follow their emails, check out the kinds of colors they are using, the placement of the call to action. How many links they are using. These are all things that you can learn from and apply to your own emails.

What’s the best way to spy on your competitors?


The manual way to spy on your competitors is to actually sign up for their email newsletter. Then make some folders in your inbox for each company and have them go to those folders so that you can continue to keep your inbox organized. Make sure you subscribe to at least 3 competitors sites, so you can get a variety of ideas on what is or is not working.

Another option is that there is a service called MailCharts. It’s a way to skip the hassle of subscribing to multiple competitor sites one by one. You can simply search their database and add the competitor. It gives you a break down of the last several emails sent and gives you a summary.

Spying On Comp

[ This is a screenshot taken from MailCharts after looking up, as you can see this displays images of the most recent emails sent out by the company]

It also shows you some statistics, so you know what to aim for when crafting your own email. It also gives you an email score. This score checks to see if the email was mobile optimized, spam filter compliant, subject length, and so much more.

Email Coupons

MailCharts also allows you to track promotions your competitors run. This is a great way to gauge what kind of promotional emails you should create. As per this chart, you can see the number of discounts they have offered via email. Majority falls between 10 – 30% off coupons.

Using this tool you will have a variety of insights on your competitions mailing strategy. So, start taking advantage of learning market opportunities. Monitor other brands and start getting what works for them to work for you.

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